Fiona Murphy

Steph is one of the most motivating and hard working people I have met. She strives for everyone on this course to reach above their potential and is able to explain web development in such an easy way. I had absolutely no experience before I took this course and was a bit apprehensive that I would be completely lost. Her course caters for all ability levels. There are weekly group calls with the objectives for the week but then also weekly 1 to 1 calls where you can ask all of your specific questions and get extra help with any of the bits that you are struggling with. Steph helps you to focus specifically to your clients needs and gets you to ask the right questions and get you in to good habits for this type of business. As Steph has so much experience herself she has great tips for what to avoid and what she wished she had known when she started. Not only were the group weekly calls and 1 to 1 calls, there was also the opportunity for emergency calls if you got stuck on something and just needed a quick catch up. Steph was in constant contact with all of us on the course and we had a forum where the participants could learn from each other and support each other also. At the end of the course you completely finish a website with her support and now have one to show your potential clients – Steph genuinely cares about your professional development and your aims and long term goals. I had a few one to one calls that basically turned in to life coaching calls making me think about where I wanted to be in 1, 3 and even 5 years time. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to upskill or maybe even change careers. It offers you flexibility where you can complete it part time or full time depending on your situation. I am so happy that I decided to invest in myself and learn such a life skill which hopefully will enable me to earn a better income and maybe even travel the world while working remotely.

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