How To Be A Blogger: Full Course


Want to build a blog that makes money and makes an impact online? Our ‘How To Be A Blogger’ course is for you. Get over £1,000 of our course content for just £550

It’s time to start treating your blog like a business and actually making money from your work. This series shows you how to turn your hobby or passion into a blog that makes you a continual rolling income. We will start by establishing your audience, voice and brand identity, then choose your platform and get your blog online.

Next, you will learn how to write good blog posts that keep Google happy and get you ranking on search results, create a consistent blog schedule and write posts that your readers love. I’ll show you how to monetise your blog through affiliate links, ad revenue, paid partnerships and posts – boosting your views through smart marketing and simple SEO.

This course is for both aspiring bloggers and people who have a blog, but aren’t seeing the growth or income they want to see. The sessions will show you *why* you aren’t seeing this growth, and show you how to make effective changes to your strategy.

The ‘How To Be A Blogger’ coursework includes:

  • 12 one-hour recorded video sessions covering the different aspects of running your blog:
    • Discovering your voice and your brand (worth £49)
    • Creating Your Content Strategy & Schedule (worth £49)
    • Choosing the platform to setup your blog (worth £49)
    • How to setup your blog on Wordpress (Exclusive to the course)
    • Wordpress Essentials for blog owners (Exclusive to the course)
    • How to write a good blog post (worth £49)
    • Affiliate Links: What they are and how to make money from them (worth £49)
    • Ad Revenue: How to add ads to your site, and how to make money from them (worth £49)
    • Digital Products: How to create, market, and sell digital products on your site (worth £49)
    • Brand Partnerships & Paid Posts: How to pitch to brands and earn money from paid posts and partnerships (worth £49)
    • Boosting Your Views: How to drive traffic to your blog (worth £49)
    • How to use your analytics to drive sales and traffic to your site (worth £49)
  • ‘How To Be A Blogger’ Templates:
    • The SMLTB ‘Brand Blogger Template’ to help you decide what your brand identity will be
    • The SMLTB ‘Content Strategy Planner’ to help you map out your blog content
    • Pitch templates to send to brands you want to work with
    • Media Kit templates for brand partnerships
  • Our ‘Website In A Weekend’ course, which shows you how to set up a Wordpress blog (worth £349)
  • Our ‘SEO For Beginners’ course, which shows you how to optimise your website for SEO (worth £150)

The ‘How To Be A Blogger’ course content is worth £1,094, and will teach you everything you need to know to run your blog like a business.

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What is’ How To Be A Blogger’?

‘How To Be A Blogger’ is an essential guide to running a successful blog long-term. Throughout the modules, I teach you the things that bloggers don’t share that make their websites successful. Anyone can sign up with Wix and get their first post online – but how do you turn that into a 5,6,7 figure business? That’s what everyone wants to know, and not enough people want to share.

The course goes in-depth into the different ways you can monetise your site, from ad revenue to digital products. It shows you how to boost your traffic through a variety of method – primarily focusing on SEO, which we teach you from the ground up. If you are starting a blog, or you are running a blog and it’s not growing – then you need this course.

Who Is ‘How To Be A Blogger’ For?

  • Someone who wants to start a blog and make money from it. You want to grow an audience, earn a passive income (affiliate links, ad revenue) or active income (brand collaborations, digital products). I show you how to create your blog, get traffic, and then add money-making functionality to make a stable income.
  • Someone who already has a blog and it’s not growing as they would like. Are your numbers low? Are your affiliate schemes and ad revenue schemes not paying out? Are you plugging away adding content but have no idea what to do to get more traffic? This is what I will teach you!
  • Someone who is making money, doing OK with their blog – but isn’t using their analytics, doesn’t have a proper content strategy and doesn’t understand SEO. These will help propel your growth!

What Makes ‘How To Be A Blogger’ Different?

What sets ‘How To Be A Blogger’ apart from other blogging courses is that I focus on STRATEGY & DATA. We take guesswork out of blogging.

  • As someone who has grown a blog into a full business, I can teach you everything I learned along the way and help you avoid any mistakes I made. I can teach you how to create a strategy for your content. How to create a great content creation process that allows you to add great content consistently to your blog.
  • As someone who has grown their blog into multiple businesses with many income streams, I can help you think beyond the blog and see how you can make money in different ways.
  • As a developer, I can show you the tools and tricks tech savvy bloggers utilise to make their blogs more successful. You don’t need to learn how to code, or become a tech whizz to use these. I will show you how to optimise your site for SEO to get consistent traffic, how to use your analytics to get more views, and how to work smarter.

‘How To Be A Blogger’ covers blogging, business, and tech – so that you can build something great.

Is ‘How To Be A Blogger’ just for WordPress Websites?

No. We cover Wix, SquareSpace, and blogs on the course.

Do I need to know how to code?

You do not need to have any knowledge of coding, or previous experience working with websites to do this course.

Will I learn how to code?

No. You will learn how to setup a WordPress website (if that is the platform of your choice) – but you will do this with configuration tools and not code.

What is the time commitment?

This course is online and self guided, and can be completed in your own time and at your own pace. You get immediate access to all modules, lessons, videos and templates – so you can dive right in or take your time.

How long do I have access to the coursework?

You have lifetime access to the coursework.


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