8 Week Habit Tracker


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If you struggle to build habits, or never seem to find the time to get everything ticked off your daily task list? Join us on our 8 week habit building challenge!

8 weeks, one spreadsheet, and a simple approach to getting things done! You also get weekly emails to get you motivated and give you practical tips for building better habits.

8 weeks to clear out your bad habits and make way for a more productive and efficient version of yourself!

When you sign up (via the ‘Buy Now’ button below), you’ll instantly receive an email with a link to download your habit tracker and start mapping out your goals. You’ll also be added to our Habit Challenge mailing list, where you can receive weekly emails to get you motivated and give you practical tips for building better habits.


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What applications can I use with the Habit Tracker?

All of the Habit Tracker features can be used with both Excel and Google Sheets, but not Apple’s ‘Numbers’ application. While you can still use the tracker with Numbers, some of the functionality will be lost.

I recommend using Google Sheets, which is a free, online spreadsheet program that allows you to share your Habit Tracker easily with your other half and access it from your phone, iPad or computer.  When you share the tracker with someone, you can see each others updates to the sheet instantly. This means you don’t need to email it back and forth with updates, and you can always have the latest version.

Because the program is online, if you lose your phone, upgrade your laptop, or break your iPad, you will still have access to the sheet on any new device. Just go to Google Sheets, log in with your Google account, and your spreadsheet will be there, with all of your edits!


How do I Install the SMLTB Habit Tracker ?

Once you purchase the tracker, an email will be automatically sent to you with a download link for your tracker. If you don’t immediately see this in your inbox, check your junk or spam folder to see if it was filtered in here. Search for ‘shop@stephmylifefreelancerbootcamp.com‘ to find the email.

Your confirmation email contains a download link for the Habit Tracker. Before you click this link, decide if you want to download the tracker onto your phone or your computer.

If you want to download the tracker onto your phone, install the Google Sheets app first as you will need this to load up the tracker. Here is a link to the Android app and here is one to the Apple Version. Click the link in the email to download the tracker , and then when you’re prompted, open the file in the Google Sheets app. The file will now be ready to use in the app, and if you log into Google sheets on your computer you can see the Habit Tracker here. If you clicked the link on your phone and can’t find the download later, here is how to find your downloaded files on Android and iPhone.

If you want to download it on your computer, you can just click the link and the file will go into your downloads folder. You can either open it up in Excel, or else load it into Google Sheets. Here is how you do that (it only takes a minute).

How to use the Habit Tracker

Details on how to use the tracker can be found on the notes sections of the sheet (highlighted in blue), and in a highlight on our Instagram page.

    Where is my confirmation email?

    A confirmation email containing your download link is sent out automatically after each purchase.

    If the email is not in your inbox, check your junk or spam email as sometimes mail gets filtered in here. Search for ‘shop@stephmylifefreelancerbootcamp.com’ to find the email.  If you cannot find the email anywhere, send me an email at ‘steph@stephmylifefreelancerbootcamp.com‘ and I’ll fix that for you.



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