Carol Ryan

The Freelancer bootcamp experience has been incredible – it’s hard to put into words how amazing this course is. From the level of detail in all the course modules to the personal and dedicated input from Steph to the other wonderful course participants who inspire and encourage on every group call. This course is the whole package. If you are thinking of making a change in your life then don’t hesitate to take the leap. Absolutely everything is thought of in this course from tech skills, business skills and communication skills to time management, organisational skills, goal setting and more! It’s all there and guided by the very knowledgeable and experienced Steph.
I think the thing that sets this apart from other online courses is that you are not alone doing this – Steph is an amazing, patient teacher, there are 1:1 calls with Steph every week and weekly group calls with all the other course participants so you are part of a community that are all learning something new and challenging themselves in the same way you are.
I have learned a new skill, set up a new business and created my own business website : . I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this life changing course to anyone. I sat on the fence for a few months before I took the leap but I’m so glad I did – This is one of the best things I have ever done!

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