Welcome To Flexi Freelancer!


You’re at the start of a life changing journey!


You’re at the start of a life changing journey!

Welcome To Flexi Freelancer!

You have taken the first step in your freelancing journey, and we are so happy to have you in the SMLTB community! This email contains some essential information for starting your course, so read below and then kick off your studies.

Accessing the coursework

All of your coursework can be found on our website. To access the coursework, log in and go to ‘My Courses’ where you will be able to open Flexi Freelancer.

The coursework is structured to go through each lesson one at a time, and we walk you through building a website in the most efficient way. Each lesson will have time and difficulty estimates, so you can judge how long each will take.

When you finish each lesson, click ‘Complete’ to keep track of your progress.

Student support

You can access your support options using the ‘Get Help’ button on the right hand side of the course overview and the lesson detail. Here, you can book your 1:1 coaching call, message the support group on Slack, or send your site in for review.

With your Flexi Freelancer course, you will be assigned a package of 4 coaching calls to use anytime. To book these calls, go to the Student Support page and choose an available time and date in the booking  calendar. Don’t select any packages, just choose a single call (worth £55). At the checkout step, add the code ‘FLEXIFREELANCER’ to book your call for free.  You do not need to book your calls at the same time, book as and when you need. The code will stop working after the 4th call, where you have the option to pay for calls if you are stuck.

For minor tech issues which don’t require a call, you can use the Slack group #flexi-freelancer-support to ask the coaches questions. You will be sent an email invite to join this group shortly after receiving this email.  These questions will be threaded, so it will be easy for you to scroll back through the chat to see if your question has already been answered. Only coaches should answer tech questions in here, so please don’t respond to questions with a suggested answer. There is a casual chat below which you can use to chat with other Flexi students.

If you would like us to review your site at any point, and give you recorded feedback, then you can submit your site for review on the Student Support page. Make sure your site is off construction – or that we have been granted administrative access to view the site if you would rather not take it off construction. You will receive your feedback within 72 hours.

There is also a #flexi-freelancer-chatter group, which you will be added to. This is a non-tech support group where you can chat amongst other freelancers. Anyone can chat and respond to questions in here, so feel free to reply to any messages that come in.

Goals & Timelines

It is up to you how long you take to build your site. You can choose from any of the available launch dates in 2023. Our suggestion is to give yourself around 8 weeks of development time, but some students have finished the coursework in 4 weeks. With a busy schedule, you can tip away slowly.

We do suggest some tools for staying motivated and on track with your work, these are described in the coursework. We will also send you regular check-in emails to see how you are getting along, and give you a boost of inspiration and motivation.

Launch Dates 2023

The available launch dates in 2023 are below. To book your launch date, email ‘contact@stephmylifefreelancerbootcamp.com‘ and let Sarah know which date you choose. You can do this anytime, it does not need to be done immediately. However we do require 4 weeks notice to get you ready for testing and launch prep:

  • December 16th
  • January 27th
  • March 3rd
  • May 5th
  • July 14th
  • August 18th
  • October 13th
  • November 3rd
  • December 15th

We are so excited to have you on board!