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Classic Portfolio Themes

Revirta ($59)

This is a super functional site which has some unique elements that can be highly customized.

Miller ($59)

A sleek & professional theme for web development or any professional website.

Leverage ($59)

As you can see below, this theme offers many diverse styling options. You can choose any of the below demos once you buy the theme, and it is completely customizable.

RHODOS ($59)

A professional theme that offers many different combinations of homepages which you can choose from. Click the link and scroll down to see your options.


Helion ($59)

A design theme, best for someone who wants to target clients in the corporate or creative industries.

Quanzo ($59)

A very classic web development theme. A safe choice, but work will be needed to make it a little more original.

Classic with a Design Edge

Aoki ($75)

This theme has lots of image and text elements, with strong graphics and colour.


Forester ($44)

A slick and stylish theme, which can be dark or light. This has strong image elements, so make sure you prep some images if you choose this.

Optimize ($69)

A colourful and informative theme with many different text and icon elements.

Boldlab ($75)

A bold, design-focused theme which is great for modern agency vibes.

Colourful Themes


These themes have elements that allow you to add more colour to your website – through big buttons / coloured boxes / icons etc. You can change the colours to be anything you like – you don’t have to keep these colours at all. The theme is just set up to allow you to use bold splashes of colour throughout!

Yottis ($59)  

Colorful but still readable theme that has both classic and design qualities. This theme is best for someone with a good eye for design, who is good at finding imagery that sets the right tone. 

Werkstatt ($59)

A fun and colourful theme with some great text and image elements.

Sann ($75)  – New to the course, never used by a student

This is probably my favourite theme, as it has so much potential. I think one, max two, students can use it so that we can keep your websites unique. If you choose this, come chat to me and I’ll either allocate it to you or let you know if it’s taken.


Marketer ($59)

Another colourful theme but with a different layout & element options.


Mr SEO ($69)

This is an interesting site, with a great feature on the homepage which encourages the user to contact you for a discovery call. Only choose this if you would like to take these calls, and if you do choose this theme then let me know as only 1-2 people max can have this since theme for launch day.

Unusual Themes


These themes are a little different, they’ll stand out against other websites and make your website look unique. This kind of theme appeals to some people and not to others – so take a look and see if they are up your street. If you do choose one of these themes then let me know as soon as you decide so that I can make sure no one else chooses it – it won’t have the same impact if multiple people use these themes on launch day. Also, make sure to check these on mobile so that you’re happy with how they look here!

Sonx ($49)

This is a one page CV-style website, which has some cool elements. It’s clean & neat, and will be easy to style. If you like this theme, but want something more classic – they do have a classic option too.


Vokial ($69)

This is a very image focused website, for a more high-end design style website. If you choose this theme, you would need to have a good eye for design and to find great stock images as you cannot use the ones that come with the theme.


Lewis ($59)

A one page site with a different menu position to the side of the screen. The demo has a bold background colour, but this can easily be changed to white if you prefer plain sites.

Bauman ($39)

This theme has an unusual but intuitive and modern layout and user journey. The colours are dark and dramatic, but it will be super easy for you to make this light / bright / muted.

Insurgent ($39)

An unusual site; click around it and open the menu if you want to see the full features. Colours and imagery are super important for this one.

Dark Themes


This theme offers multiple options for the style of the site in light and dark. Take a look through and see what you think!


This is a dark theme, which can easily be switched to light if you prefer that. It has a large header with a clear tagline and button for users to click to take them to your ‘services’ page to learn more about what you offer. It has panels where you can lay out data like what you offer, and a good use of space and font sizes so that the site is easy to read.

Intrinsic ($39)

A dark and stylish theme with bold elements and strong design.