Yvonne Barry

Life changing!
Three months ago I couldn’t decide on a style of career coaching nevermind a new career. Ironically; I have been too busy to leave a well deserved review as I have been studying towards my goals – that says it all really.

The style of the career coaching is perfect for someone who is ensure of where they are going; what they strengths are; someone lacking in confidence in their abilities. You follow a very clear and concise thought plan with tasks that will take you to where you need to be; or well on the way to it.
The group format is encouraging; supportive and thought provoking – not to mention inspirational.

Steph; being a success herself; is firm but fair; you will get out of this course the effort you put in. She is very practical, encouraging and also challenging when the need arises. A font of good ideas and there is always a solution to any issue that you bring to her. She instills a confidence in people that can be badly needed.

Finally; I did the course with a view to changing career and not setting up my own business and it suited me perfectly as well as others who were setting up alone and online etc.

I cannot recommend this course & Steph highly enough.

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