Naomi Brash

This was honestly the best decision I have ever made for my future! For some online courses you pay, get a workbook of basic information and instructions and that’s all you get. This is so different in so many ways.

The course itself is brilliant and really well put together, with in-depth explanations and links to outside sites to read further, plus guidance for everything you need for your business. It’s updated with new lessons when something arises that would affect all sites, or there’s a new update so you’re never falling behind.

I found the aspects of the course centred on freelancing, pitching to clients etc so valuable and I would’ve been absolutely lost without it!
The focus on support throughout the course is also amazing.
Steph and Kristina were on hand throughout the entire 8 week period. From group coaching calls to 1-1 check-ins – every week there was a way to stay accountable, learn something new and check in on progress. Not to forget they were there pretty much any time of day to respond to messages on Slack or email.

I truly gained so much value from this course beyond the technical web development tasks, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to take the leap!

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