Lyndsey McEneff

First of all, I couldn’t recommend this course enough. I was shocked at what I managed to achieve and learn in the space of 12 weeks while still working my full time job. But that just goes to show just what an incredible course Steph has managed to put together. It is both intensive but broken down so well that it is extremely manageable. Hard work? – Hell ya!, you are learning a new language after all, but if you want it, all the tools are there for you to achieve it. The support and encouragement from Steph and Kristina was incredible. Always came off their calls like I could take over the world. lol.
I had been following Steph for a years and had always revered her work/travel lifestyle but never imagined it could ever happen for me. As the years my personal circumstances changed and it became apparent I would need more flexibility in working location so I had to ask myself what would give me that flexibility. I had joined the waitlist a couple of times and let spots open and close – the thought of giving up a steady job and the familiar holding me back. Then I got myself together, told myself there was never gonna be a ‘right time’, if I was going to get what I needed I was going to have to take my opportunity and make it happen, so the next time a spot came up I didn’t hesitate.
Now just a few months later I am a freelance web designer, have built my own website: that I am extremely proud of, and am starting to build my first client website.

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