Emma Liarakos

I can honestly say this course is the best professional investment I have ever made! Steph is an amazing teacher who is completely committed to providing as much information and value as possible. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience from her education and career in IT, and did such a wonderful job at sharing that with us. You honestly couldn’t hope for a more supportive and dedicated mentor. The course itself was extremely well structured and walked you through everything you needed to know in great detail, step by step. This course has armed me with a myriad of new skills, both technically, in coding and web development, but also in business, through creating proposals, working with clients and developing pitches to find work. It has opened up a world of opportunities, not only to embark on a career in a new field of work but provided me with a way to work online and enabling me to achieve my goal of being locationally independent. I’m extremely proud of the website I was able to create with Steph’s help – https://kilarneyrisephysio.com.au. I cannot recommend this course enough!

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