Elaine Foott

There really is only one word that comes to mind when describing Stephs Freelancer Bootcamp – Superb!

I have attended many training courses and I can hand on heart say the Steph is the best instructor, trainer, coach, mentor and even cheerleader I have ever come across. The time she gives to both group calls and individual 1:1 sessions is something I’ve never experienced before. She gives 1000% of herself to her learners from day 1. Her enthusiasm, drive and dedication for this course is completely infectious.

The Freelancer Bootcamp is more then just learning (and practicing) the skills needed to design and build highly functional and responsive websites. Steph literally teaches you how to work as a freelancer, sharing all the valuable knowledge that she has spent years gaining for herself. There is no competition on this course; it’s all about building a support network where everyone shares in the success and helps eachother through the challenges.

5 weeks ago I came into this course as a complete novice in web development. I have already launched my first website http://www.elainefoottcelebrant.ie and I am now pitching for my first clients. I mean come on, doesn’t that show how incredible this course is!



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