Claire Anderson

I have been looking for a change in career and lifestyle and the Freelancer course sounded exactly what I wanted. I have a background in healthcare as an Occupational Therapist so coming into IT was a big change.

The course has exceeded my expectations and was well worth the investment. It is laid out so well and all the pre course work was fun to complete. Each week there are lessons and they are easy to follow.
Steph is such a great teacher and knows when to be encouraging but also help guide you in the right direction.

She gives her all with the 1-1 and group calls. She is so quick to respond when anyone had a query or when I felt I had done something wrong. She shares all her knowledge not just on the technical skills side but also how to be freelancer and pitch etc.

I am still amazed and proud of myself to have created my website and start a business in the 4 weeks! It was a rather intense period working full time and also building my site but the lack of sleep and effort was well worth the reward at the end.

Even after the launch the support we have had has been amazing. One great benefit is all the lovely ladies I have done the course with who were, have been and continue to be so supportive and I look forward to keeping in touch as we all grow our businesses and skills.
I have a clear vision in my head of where I want to be and this course has set me on the road to working wherever I want in the world.

I’m looking forward to working with clients and creating great websites with all my new skills I have gained! I would highly recommend the course!

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