Arlene Foy

This course was the hand holding I needed to get my business off the ground. Steph really helped bring my idea to life. She put my mind on track by assisting with the business plan which was something that I found so overwhelming. Another plus for me was not only the end result of having my own website but the opportunity to upskill. I always knew that web design and development was a skill that would only add to my list of services offered. Steph’s ability to explain processes simply as well as encourage and really get the best from your creative side is inspiring. You are learning from someone who is doing this for a living in real-time and enjoying every step. I do not know another course that offers this type of opportunity. SIGN UP its 100% worth it. You’ll end up with new skills, a fantastic website made by you and become part of the most supportive business tribe. But before you sign up…check out my website to see what I created during the course and also to see what it is I do for a living –

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