Aoife Stanton

I have been interested in web design for quite some time and finally took the plunge and signed up to the Freelancer Bootcamp towards the end of lockdown. I think the pandemic reminded many of us that there is a new way of working and that the opportunities to work online are endless. I had very little experience with web design before enrolling on the course and found it very manageable. It was challenging at times but the way Steph, Kristina and the girls in our group supported each other made it feel like we could accomplish anything. During the course I created a personal portfolio website for my web development business ‘Optimising Online’ and was so proud of what I had created! Steph is one of the most knowledgable people I have ever learned from and to me she defines a new age entrepreneur that believes in working smarter not harder and that anything is possible. She helps you to realise that your wildest dreams are not as far away as you might have once thought! I learned so much during the course and am so excited about the lifestyle that I can create for myself and what the future holds for Optimising Online. The community that you become apart of by completing the Freelancer Bootcamp is special! I have connected with so many like minded women that empower each other! The help and support that you receive from Steph, Kristina and the other women is incredible! I made the course fee back within 3 months of completing the course. I couldn’t recommend the course enough to anyone who is looking for more freedom and who would like to work on their own terms!

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