Aimee Evripidou

I am so pleased I stumbled across Steph on Instagram and subsequently found her Freelancer Bootcamp course. In the midst of lockdown 1.0 I had a good chance to reflect on life and realise my work-life balance was completely off. I was bored in my current job and had no room for progression. I needed a new challenge and I knew I wanted to take advantage of travelling again when the world opened up . Steph seemed to have this nailed, being able to earn and travel at the same time. I signed up to her free web development taster courses and thoroughly enjoyed them. The freelancer courses sell like hotcakes so I knew I had to take the plunge next time she released one, so when I got the notification in July that the October course was available I jumped at the chance! I was super excited but also nervous that I wouldn’t be able to pick things up. Our first team Zoom call put my mind to rest when I realised how much Steph puts in to the course and she couldn’t be more supportive. I don’t know where she gets all the time and energy from!! Not only that but she creates a great camaraderie amongst the rest of the group which is invaluable in making people feel like they are not alone. You will finish this course not only as an A class web developer but also with a new bunch of friends 🙂 I have gone from zero experience in this field to having now launched two websites: / and I am excited to get stuck in to work for the first time in years!!

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