Helping Hand Scholarships

Helping Hand Scholarships

Receive full or partial scholarships to the StephMyLife Freelancer Bootcamp, and start your career as a freelance web developer. If you are new here, you can read more about the bootcamps by clicking here, and check out reviews from previous grads here, and take a look through our graduates here.

I want everyone to have the opportunity for financial freedom and an independent career.

Do you want to start career as a freelance web developer, working with clients and earning a stable income – but you genuinely can’t afford the initial investment required to upskill? Apply for our Helping Hand Scholarship!

We are offering 8 full and partial scholarship spaces on the Accelerated and Extended Freelancer Bootcamps in 2021 and 2022.

  • Full scholarships: The full cost of the course is covered.
  • Partial scholarships: 50% of the course cost is covered.

Tech has been a lucrative and rewarding career for me, but I was fortunate to be able to study IT in Uni and to afford to accept the opportunities that have come my way. Throughout my career and travels I have met many people who are incredibly hard working, intelligent and have had huge potential, but didn’t have the opportunity to flourish because financial restrictions held them back. Ever since I started this course, it has been my goal to lend a helping hand to get these people the careers they deserve to have.

The Helping Hand Scholarships are a way to give anyone who is being held back from their true potential by financial restrictions and lack of opportunity. I will teach you all of the technical skills to build websites for clients, along with the freelancing skills to find clients, work with them well, and market your skills. I will coach you for 8 or 12 weeks to make sure that you have the ability to roll off the course and become a fully booked freelance web developer.

In return I just ask that you come to the course ready to work and ready to learn.

Who It’s For

This scholarship is for someone who has an interest in tech and would like to earn a stable income but can’t afford to invest in a course which teaches them how to do so. Someone who may not have the opportunities that others with more disposable income have, and need a helping hand to kick start their career.

Freelancing is an industry for hard-working self-starters. Successful freelancers are those who are willing to work hard to hone their skills and find clients. If you feel like this would be a great career for you, but you genuinely don’t have the financial means to join my course then you can apply for a full or partial scholarship on my Freelancer Bootcamps.

What You Need

  • A hard working mentality: This course is not easy, it takes a lot of hard work and study to complete – but the payoff is earning £1,200 per website straight from the course.
  • Time: You need to have time to complete the lessons each week and come to all of the group calls (which take place on Saturday AM UK / Ireland time). This would take 1 weekend day and 3 evenings a week on the accelerated course, or 1 weekend day and 1-2 evenings per week on the extended course.
  • Passion: Have an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for learning. You do not need any previous tech experience, the course is for beginners.
  • An internet connection & laptop: This is an online course, so you will need a reliable internet connection and a laptop (this does not have to be a top of the line laptop, just something you can run an internet browser on). I understand that not everyone will have both of these, so if you do not then don’t let that deter you from applying. Fill out the application and this is something we can figure out for you.

How To Apply

Step 1

Click on the button below and fill out the application, telling us a little bit about you and why you would like to join the course.

Step 2

If you make it to the next stage, we will invite you to take part in a technical lesson. This is to see if you enjoy the challenge and if coding is for you, and it’s also to see how easily you pick things up. You do not need to have any previous coding experience to do this, so don’t be intimidated!

Step 3

We will invite you to have a video call so that we can chat more. This will be our opportunity to get to know each other and see if you’re a great fit for the course.

Step 4

You will be invited to enroll in the Bootcamp of your choosing and we can get started!