StephMyLife PHP In The World Of WordPress #2


This 60 minute developer training session is a follow on from our first ‘PHP For Beginners‘ call! We will delve further into PHP and you will learn about child themes, hooks, and how to make changes to core Wordpress code and Wordpress plugins.

In this training session, you will

  • Install a child theme on your server
  • Learn about action & filter webhooks
  • Add code to your functions.php file which extends and changes core Wordpress code

This is the first time you will make changes to a live website using PHP!

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The video is available for free to all SMTLB Members. If you are a member and haven’t received your licence key, send an email to

This 60 minute session is a follow on from the ‘Introduction to PHP’ developer training which is being held on May 24th. If you did not attend this training, please contact us to get the recording before you come to this call.

Did you know that you can add some very helpful functionality to your website using a few lines of PHP? This eliminates the need for extra plugins, making your websites less vulnerable to having issues in future.

I will be showing you some helpful and simple PHP functions which you can add to your websites, including:

  • Redirecting a user to a particular page when they log in
  • Hiding and showing menu items for logged in and logged out users
  • Add custom menus
  • Add a custom message to the dashboard which your client sees when they log in, to make it easier to use their site

Come to this call with a sample website to work on (it can be your personal portfolio website), and logged into your Siteground / hosting account.


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