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StephMyLife Freelancer Bootcamp

StephMyLife Freelancer Bootcamp – October 10th 2020


Create and launch a high quality, responsive website in 5 weeks and learn the skills to embark on a new career.This course is designed to give you a fast track to the knowledge and skills you need to become a freelance WordPress website developer:
  • The course will teach you how to build self-hosted WordPress websites from scratch.
  • It will teach you how to find clients, pitch for work, gather client requirements, and set your pricing.
  • You will be given a basic introduction to four key web development languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript & PHP, and how these can be used to customise your website.
Once you have completed the course, you should be able to find your first client and start your first paid job.

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Start Date & Duration

The bootcamp will start on October 10th & run for 5 weeks.

There are multiple dates running, so for other dates, please see the full course catalogue.

Who Is This Course For?

The Freelancer Bootcamp is for someone who wants to become a freelance website developer and male the switch to working online. You will learn how to make high quality, responsive, well functioning WordPress websites, and how to find, pitch to, and communicate with clients.

Freelance web development allows you to travel the world and set your own hours, while earning a good income and building your career. You can take projects when you want to work, and travel in between. Working online has given us so many great opportunities, and I want to encourage more people to take the leap.

What Does The Freelance Bootcamp Cover?

On the bootcamp, you will not only learn the technical skills required to be a freelance web developer, but also the professional skills too. You will learn how to find clients, how to pitch to them, how to get requirements, to manage difficult or slow clients, and how to ensure that you get repeat business from each job. Course materials include templates for pitching / proposals / quotes etc, which you can use during your career.

You can see a list of the modules and lessons on the course page.

The Freelancer Bootcamp covers a variety of subjects:

  • WordPress website development
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Website Security (SSL)
  • Handling payments on a website
  • Responsive Design
  • Setting up an Ecommerce store
  • Setting up bookings, memberships & contact forms on a website
  • Pitching to clients
  • Finding clients
  • Writing client proposals
  • Pricing your services
  • Communicating effectively with clients
  • Other tools & techniques to start a career in freelance web development
The course will have two streams in order to best prepare you to navigate the world of freelance development work: Technical and Business. On the Technical stream we’ll learn how to build, customise, test, and launch a full-featured WordPress website from scratch. The Business stream will run alongside the Technical stream each week and teach you how to find clients, pitch to and communicate with them, set pricing and prepare a quote, and how to present yourself as a professional WordPress website developer.
Throughout the course you will be creating a website for yourself or your client. Each week you will be sent a personalised task list for the week, which you will be required to complete before you can move on to the next week’s tasks. These tasks take you through each step of developing and launching your website and developing your freelancing skills. The tasks should be completed in your own time during the week, and are designed to be around 1-2 days work per week. There will also be optional extra reading and tasks for anyone with more time, who wants more in-depth training.

What Website Will I Create On This Course?

You have two options for the website you will create on the course.

  • You can create a personal website, to advertise your freelance development skills to potential clients. If you have other skills & experience you can market these on the website too.
  • You can create a website for a client. Some previous students posted on their social media looking for clients, and others created websites for their partner or family members businesses.

If you create a website for yourself, you will be able to use that as a way to market yourself. If you create a website for a client, you will gain experience of working with a client which will be very helpful.

The most important thing is that you have a website idea when you join the course. The first week will be drafting up the project plan, so you don’t need to have a fully laid out plan – but if you start the course with no idea of what to build then you will be behind.

What you’ll get from the course

The course is designed to give you a fast track to the knowledge and skills you need to build and launch a professional WordPress website and use it create revenue and promote your business:
  • The course will teach you how to build self-hosted WordPress websites from scratch.
  • It will teach you how to find clients, pitch for work, gather client requirements, and set your pricing.
  • You will be given a basic introduction to four key web development languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript & PHP and how these can be used to customise your website.

What you won’t get from the course

This course won’t give you in-depth knowledge of programming languages, or teach you how to create a website from scratch without the WordPress framework. It would be impossible to teach these languages in-depth in 5 weeks – and you don’t need them to become a freelance WordPress developer.
Instead, I will be focusing on the skills and knowledge that you need in order to develop and customise WordPress websites.
There’s no official accreditation or qualification from completing the course. Instead, I am offering to pass on the skills that I have learned from my university degree, over a decade of professional software development, and in my freelancing career while travelling the world. You will learn how to pitch to clients and get paid freelancing work with the knowledge you gain on the course.


What is the Time Commitment?

The tasks are designed to be achievable for those who work full time, as long as they are willing to sacrifice evenings and/or weekend days. They can complete the tasks and create and launch their website with everyone else –  and after the course, they can go back over the optional reading and tasks in their own time. If you have more availability, you will be able to gain a more in-depth knowledge in the 4 weeks by completing the extra tasks and learning.
We will have a weekly Saturday Zoom group call (to accommodate people who work full time), where I will explain your tasks and discuss the new concepts being introduced in the coming week. We will also review the previous week’s tasks on this call. Along with the group call, each student will have a weekly 1:1 coaching call with me. This will allow you to raise any questions you might have, and have personal coaching in areas you are finding challenging.
We will also have a group chat room for any questions and discussions that crop up throughout the week.


What I am looking for

I am looking for people who are enthusiastic, keen to learn, and happy to commit the required time to this course. Web development experience is not required, but an aptitude for technology will help you do well on this course.
You will need a laptop or desktop computer running Windows, MacOS or Linux, with Visual Studio Code installed – you can download that for free here. A tablet, phone or netbook will not allow you to complete all the tasks on the course.


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