SMLTB 8 Week Coaching: Scale Your Business 2022


The Scale Your Business course is back! Get ready to scale your business in 2022 with specialised coaching to help you reach your goals.
This year, the courses have had an overhaul and we are including a lot more coaching in areas that can help you become a better CEO. You can book your coaching course with Steph or Kristina, and there is a technical upgrade for developers who want extra technical coaching and a 1:1 call.
Read the description below for more information.
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What is Scale Your Business With Kristina Course?

The 9-5 To Freelancer SYB course is an 8 week course to provide accountability, focus and coaching to help you achieve your goals in 2022. This course will particularly be helpful for graduates who are still working full or part time and juggling their freelancing or online business. Kristina will coach you on how to scale your business alongside your career with weekly coaching & accountability calls.

SYB With Kristina Weekly Outline

Week 1:  Business plans

We’ll be goal setting this week, focusing on writing business plans and creating SMART objectives to give us something to aim for to eventually make the leap to full time freelance.

Week 2: Sales 101

The topic here is business development with a focus on finding the best ways to pitch, how to find the right clients and most importantly maximising your time if you’re juggling that work/life balance.

Week 3: Your tool kit

Time is precious so we’ll get to grips with all those great tools and apps to help increase our productivity and efficiency!

Week 4: Sell yourself

Now you have a business, you want to establish your brand and make the most of all the ways to sell yourself to potential clients. We’ll work on social selling, and perfecting that elevator pitch.

Week 5: Kaizen

The Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement, guides us to revisit our offerings and services. This week we’ll be assessing our own sites, and thinking about how to perfect each step of our user journey.

Week 6: Saying no

Establishing your brand means knowing your worth and sometimes this involves saying no. This can be particularly tricky when you start out but is arguably even more important when you’re juggling a 9-5 alongside freelancing. This is an exciting time but long hours and the demands of everyday life can cause exhaustion and burn out. We’ll talk about keeping an eye out for the warning signs of fatigue.

Week 7: Making the leap

How do you know when you’re ready to leave your job? Identifying when the right time is for you to make the transition to part time or freelancing full time and how to do so, including discussing that tricky conversation with your boss.

Week 8: Walk. Run. Fly. 

Now you have all the tools in your arsenal, it’s time to plan for the next step. We’ll create an action plan for you to make the switch to freelancing full time and help you get in to the right mindset.

What is the ‘Scale Your Business’ with Steph Course ?

This is a 8-week group coaching program to help you scale your online business & reach your professional goals for 2022. You all launched your websites in 2020/2021 and kick started your careers online, and now it’s time to work on your future goals and start earning more from your business.

The program is to help you scale your business in 2022- to boost your earnings, grow your audience, and increase sales / bookings. If you want to launch a new product, diversify your offerings, add a new feature to your site, find clients, create or engage your social media audience, or build the number of customers and visitors to your site – this program will help you create a plan for how to make your goals happen. You bring the goals, I’ll help you make the plan to get you there and coach you along the way!

Each week, we have a Group Goal Setting Call via Zoom. Each call starts with specific coaching related to this week’s topic (30 mins) followed a 15 minute group task which is related to the group task. Then we will have 30 minutes of weekly recaps and goal setting for the next week (30 mins). Then I will be doing The call will last 75 minutes and then there will be an ‘open time’ of 30 minutes where the Developer Upgrade students can stay on and ask me anything they like. Read the ‘Developer’ section below to find out more about this.

Here is the ‘Scale Your Business’ weekly outline:

Week 1: Who am I & what do I want
  1. Introductions from the group so that we can get to know each other
  2. Discovery & Coaching: What is holding me back from success? (Discovering the disruptive habits and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.)
  3. Goal Setting: Determining your 8 week goals and checkpoints 
  4. Group Task: A fun group task to get to know each other

Week 2: Marketing Your Business

  1. Deep Dive: What is your current marketing plan for your business? What platforms are you marketing on?
  2. Finding the right platforms for marketing your business
  3. Creating your LinkedIn & Facebook profile
  4. How to use your analytics to drive growth
  5. Group Task:  Get teamed up with another member of the group and create a marketing campaign for a product or service I give you.
  6. Homework: Submit your current marketing plan for review by me

Week 3: Communication

  1. Discovery: What is your current communication style & ways of communicating with your clients / customers? Do you feel you can communicate better with them?
  2. Coaching: Tips for better written and verbal communication with clients and customers
  3. Communication fails that you need to avoid
  4. Group task: communication task to help you learn how to communicate concisely and confidently.
  5. Homework: Complete a communication task this week

Week 4: Confidence

  1. Coaching: Why confidence is a vital component of being a freelancer or business owner
  2. How to be more assertive & confident when networking
  3. Pitching for big projects, not just easy ones
  4. Group Task: related to growing your confidence
  5. Homework: You’re going to pitch to a big client or for a big project

Week 5: Organisation

  1. Discovery: What are your current organisation strategies and tools? Is it working for you?
  2. Coaching: Why organisation is key to being happier at your job or running your business
  3. Tools and strategies for being more organised
  4. Group Task: Working with one of your group members to quickly come up with a solution to a problem I give you
  5. Homework: Implementing a new routine with better organisation

Week 6: Ideas and creativity

  1. Discovery: What ideas do you have for the future of your business?
  2. Coaching: Turning an idea into an action plan
  3. Why creativity is important
  4. Group task: We are getting creative on this call, with a fun task to awaken your creative side 
  5. Homework: You are going to come up with a new idea every day and send it through to me. It can be for your business or something random. The goal is to stay in the creative mindset for the week.

Weeek 7: Switching off

  1. Discovery: Analysing your work / life balance
  2. Coaching: Taking conscious time off – switching off properly when you’re not working and avoiding ‘grey hours’
  3. Being as productive as possible when you are working
  4. The best tools to use to achieve balance 
  5. Group Task: sharing our tips for switching off with the group
  6. Homework: Keep a work / chill log to see how many grey hours you clock up

Week 8: Outsourcing or growing your business

  1. Discovery: What ways can you outsource tasks in your business / How can you grow your team?
  2. Coaching: Why outsourcing / growth is so important
  3. How to know when to outsource / team up with someone
  4. How to find the right people
  5. Group Task: Work together to plan for the future
  6. Homework: Create a growth plan, if outsourcing or building a team is on the cards for your business

What is the Developer Upgrade?

This upgrade is for graduates who want to improve their technical skills throughout the 8 weeks. Each week you will receive:

  • Weekly coaching content will be sent for you to study and upskill. These will cover topics like ‘UX vs UI: What’s the difference’, ‘Creating A WooCommerce Store in under 30 minutes’, ‘Flexbox explained’, ‘Strategies for building your network as a developer’. These will be sent as a video link each week, to be studied in your own time.
  • 30 minute tech support at the end of the weekly call for any tech help or decisions you need
  • Access to a dedicated tech support channel
  • One 1:1 coaching call during the 8 weeks, to be booked whenever suits you

If you are looking for advanced tech coaching and to become a better developer, this is for you.

Course Format:

  • Both are 8 week courses, with weekly group coaching.
  • Weekly calls last 75 mins
  • Both courses will have a dedicated mailbox to send homework and help emails to.
  • A Slack group will be created where call recordings and a mid-week cheer message are sent and members are encouraged to share their wins during the week.
  • Coaching has a different topic each week, and includes tasks, homework, and group exercises to encourage interactivity.

Start Date & Duration

The 2022 Goal Setting Program will start on the 30th of Jan and calls will take place each week on Sunday Morning. Calls will be recorded if you can’t make them.


You can pay in full or in 3 monthly installments.

Additional information

Course Type

9 -5 to Freelancer Coaching With Kristina, SYB With Steph, SYB With Steph + Developer Upgrade


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