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StephMyLife Freelancer Bootcamp

StephMyLife 8 Week Coaching: Scale Your Business in 2021


The 2021 Goal Setting Program is for everyone who has graduated from the Freelancer or Entrepreneur Bootcamp and wants to scale their business in 2021.  This program is to help you grow your business & increase your earnings by:
  • Growing your social media audience
  • Diversifying your offerings
  • Launching new product & marketing them well
  • Becoming a pro at pitching to clients
  • Increasing your traffic
  • Increasing your sales conversion
  • Optimising your site for SEO to get new traffic
  • A thousand other ways which we can brainstorm and action
This program provides you with all the practical and technical know-how to grow your business in any direction you desire. It includes goal setting strategies, weekly coaching calls in small groups and many helpful tools that are tailored for your specific business goal.
You’re all familiar with my coaching, and this is a lighter continuation of the bootcamp where we can focus more on strategy and growth now that the tougher technical learning is out of the way. This coaching is all about identifying where you want your business to go, and putting practical plans in action to get you there.

Read the full description for more information about the structure of the program.

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What is the 2021 ‘Scale Your Business’ Program?

This is a 8-week group coaching program to help you scale your online business & reach your professional goals for 2021. You all launched your websites in 2020 and kick started your careers online, and now it’s time to work on your future goals and start earning more from your business.

The program is to help you scale your business in 2021 – to boost your earnings, grow your audience, and increase sales / bookings. If you want to launch a new product, diversify your offerings, add a new feature to your site, find clients, create or engage your social media audience, or build the number of customers and visitors to your site – this program will help you create a plan for how to make your goals happen. You bring the goals, I’ll help you make the plan to get you there and coach you along the way!

At the start of the program, you will fill out a goal setting questionnaire so that I can find out exactly what you want to achieve over the next 8-weeks and create a custom plan for you to achieve this.

Each week, we have a Group Goal Setting Call via Zoom where we go through the weeks tasks and goals, and create your strategy on how to complete reach these goals. You will get access to a new ‘Goal Setting’ Slack room where we will check in throughout the week with out progress to stay on track.

We will create our 2021 strategy, we action this and start to scale our business in 2021.

Start Date & Duration

The 2021 Goal Setting Program will start on the 2nd of May and calls will take place each week on Sunday Morning.

Who Is This Program For?

The program is for everyone who has graduated from the Freelancer and Entrepreneur Bootcamp and wants to scale their business. It’s time to grow in 2021 and get more profitable in 2021.
That can be:
  • Finding new clients & going through the pitching / questionnaire / proposal process
  • Identifying and working with more premium clients
  • Marketing yourself better on social media
  • Diversifying your offerings on your site
  • Adding new products to your site
  • Working on your website SEO
  • Growing your website audience
  • Increasing engagement
  • Creating and implementing a great email marketing strategy
  • Creating and implementing a great email marketing strategy
  • Anything to grow your business and start 2021 strong.

What you’ll get from the Program

The program is designed to support you in reaching your goals by providing you with practical knowledge and helpful tools that are customised for your goals. During the weekly coaching call in small groups you will brainstorm, review and create new goals for each week.
  • Weekly Zoom goal setting calls in mini mastermind-style collaboration groups
  • Access to the Goal Setting Program Slack group
  • Planning templates create your 8 week goals for the course and for your long term goals
  • Review of pitching / questionnaire / proposals for clients if your goal is working with clients
  • Support and coaching implementing your email marketing / social media marketing strategy
  • Support and technical help implementing any website changes
  • Strategy support and feedback on performance each week
  • Accountability and support to achieve each weeks goals
  • Guidance in forming a plan for 2021 if you aren’t sure how to get where you want to be

What you won’t get from the Program

In this course you will not have weekly 1-1 coaching or as many lessons as in the Freelancer and Entrepreneur bootcamps (which might be a relief!).
Instead we will have group coaching calls with approx 6 people in each group, and the course materials will be helpful guides on your particular goals (technical or business), organisational materials, and productivity planners for the week.

What is the Time Commitment?

This program is much less time-intensive than the Freelancer & Entrepreneur Bootcamps. Now that you have the technical skills from the course, we are focusing on strategy and growth.
  • There will be weekly 1 – 1.5 hour Sunday Zoom Call in our Mini Groups, where we will talk about different strategies to reach your specific goal. We will also review the previous week’s tasks on this call.
  • There will be worksheets to fill out each week, which are based around your goals & keeping you organised.
  • There will goal trackers to fill out to ensure that you stick to our goals and scale your business in the 8 weeks.
  • There will be specific tasks related to your weekly goal. Once the program starts you will get access to the full course materials.
We will also have a group chat room for any questions and discussions that crop up throughout the week.


You can pay in full for the program when you book your spot. As soon as you have paid you will get access to a questionnaire that needs to be filled out before the program starts.


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