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StephMyLife Freelancer Bootcamp

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SMLTB Monthly Membership


Join our monthly membership to retain access to the most up to date version of the course, including all lessons, templates and course materials!

With monthly membership, you will get all lessons along with all updates which are added during your membership. As an Accelerated freelancer graduate, you can opt to sign up for Extended coursework to gain access to extra lessons (the extended course covers CSS more extensively).

Along with course access, Steph will be hosting members-only technical talks and training each month so that you can keep improving your skills. You will have the opportunity to request training on tools and topics you need help with, or in areas you want to improve.

The members area is for anyone who would like to keep improving their skills and knowledge so that they can provide the best service to clients.

* Introductory rate. Ends on 15/05/2022

Main Group

You can choose multiple levels from this group.

StephMyLife Accelerated Freelancer Bootcamp Access

£5.99 per Month.

StephMyLife Extended Freelancer Bootcamp Access

£5.99 per Month.

StephMyLife Membership (for students who just want to attend calls and coaching)

£5.99 per Month.

How It Works


  • Sign up to the monthly membership
  • Your access to the coursework will be restored shortly
  • Members events will be announced which you can register for
  • Technical call and training topic suggestions will be open for you to request topics you are interested in
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