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NameWhat areas of your business do you want to focus on over the next 8 weeks?What specific goals do you want to achieve on this program?What areas of your business are strongest right now?What are your hopes and expectations from the program?What are your hopes and expectations from 2021?What's your dream goal for 2021?What's the biggest obstacle for reaching these goals?
Heather SwinnEverything? Pitching, proposals, working with clients. Confidence that I know what I'm doing!I want to land my first paying client and have a strategy on how to grow my business over the next 12 months.I have barely started my business. I know I can do it I just need to support and accountability to get it going.I hope to have a clear strategy and plan for my business and to learn lots of new things and ideas and come out the other end with more confidence than ever that I can make this work and be my work.I expect to be doing this full time in the next 2 months which might seem like a lofty goal but that is the plan! I want to finish 2021 having built at least 5 new websites at the minimum. I would also like to do a course in UX Design so I can map out websites for my clients which will make the builds so much easier than my first! I also want to redesign my own website in line with new trends so I can set a good example for my clients.My dream goal is to be booked out and have scheduled in 1 new website per month. And to have learned lots of new skills.Me!
Laura MckeownI want to focus on getting my business off the ground. I feel like I struggled pitching to clients or I was pitching to the wrong clients, possibly. This meant I lost my confidence and took a break which has gave me even less confidence. I want to also update my website, because I don't LOVE it and i want to, it will also be good to brush up on my skills.I want to get my first client or a few clients lined up and work towards my end goal of this being my full time career. I would also like to gain confidence and focus - trying to do 2 jobs at once is tough.I took a break from this in December due to feeling deflated so it is hard to think of a strength. But I would say my organisation is my strongest attribute.I want to find focus, redo my website so I love it and figure out who to pitch to, to get the right clients.I want to be able to work for myself and have more financial freedomTo be able to quit my job.Money and time. I have some debts that I need to pay off (to myself) but I want to get my savings back as they have gone. And I struggle to balance a full time job and working on this business on the side.
Steph SmithSelf confidence.I'd like to get a handle on my imposter syndrome. I would also like to clarify my offering to my clients, have all of my meterials ready e.g onboarding documents etc.VA work.Broaden my horizons and follow expert advice so that I can scale my business to the next level/win clients/beleive in myself.To get some customers, have a steady income, work on exciting projects.Potentially take a trip abroad and be able to work from my laptop.Pandemic/self confidence is low. Lack of time to do pitches and over stretching my targets which makes me not be able to meet them.
Sarah Murphy(Looks like my original version didn't save so just redoing it!) Gaining more clients Building consistent revenue and income Diversifying income streams Gain repeat business from clients with maintenance contracts Improve pitch to client ratio and identifying the right target clientsGain 2-3 clients Take 2-3 deposits Create plan to build income streams beyond web design Build strategy for signing clients up to maintenance contract Work on identifying target clients pitches to increase number of target clients that convert to active clientsPitches and proposals do get a good response, very happy to contact anyone who I would like to work with, organised in my process and like to keep track of everything with spreadsheets etcTo finish the course with 2 new clients signed up, have a clear strategy on how to build the business going forward, build confidence and keep in the right mindsetWork on my business full time, gain new clients, get booked up in advanceMaking a success of my business working on it full time earning as much,ideally more than I earned before, booked up for months in advance with a clear game plan for next stages of the businessMe! Getting in my own way, loosing confidence, loosing focus
Michelle Kelly- Improve my current website - SEO - Social Media - Finding clients - Development skills in CSS3Current website Improve overall branding, user experience, add my portfolio, update testimonials, polish homepage (text and layouts - primary focus on the above fold section) and add more copy. Analise Google Analytics to gauge how I can improve the customer flow. Add more CTAs SEO Complete SEO Course and optimise my website for SEO based on the new skills from the course Social Media Implement an effective social media strategy for Instagram and Facebook. Finding Clients Have at least 3 websites booked in by the end of this program Development skills Improve CSS skills Deepen knowledge of chrome developer panel Learn about Google Webmaster ToolsFrom the market perspective, female entrepreneurism is trending and therefore there are lots of potential clients The areas of my business that are strongest are: - My ability to develop a brand - Being able to assess a business' requirements and create a website that meets these requirements perfectly. - My design skills - My self-confidenceTo have a stronger website that generates more leads, engages more with the user and is optimised for SEO. To become proficient in SEO Optimisation and offer this as a service to my clients. To have a well laid-out social media strategy that furthers my reach and generates leads from my niche, without having to spend too much time creating content. To have polished my CSS skills.To have back to back clients for the rest of the year To go legit To Freelance full time and avoid working in tourism To work with you and be a part of your team!To be charging at least 4.5k a website by the end of the year and be turning websites down To be working with StephMyLife Bootcamps and coaching other students To be in a position where I can consider employing someone!Procrastination, self-discipline and sustaining good habits.
Carly Ullyart-Understanding who my target audience is and identifying potential clients. I don't feel like I actually know who they are at the minute and am struggling with social media content. -Being consistent with social media. -Exploring ways I can upskill and add to my business.-Identify my target audience. -Work on my branding. -Improve my pitching and being able to identify better clients. -Grow social media audience. -Be able to advertise my site well (planning on launching in next 2 weeks) -Increase my income -To identify clients with high potential for maintenance contracts to build a more reliable monthly income.-Organisation -Consistency in reaching out to clients, I identify instagram pages I want to contact over a week, then once a week I will contact all of those pages. (Most of these messages amount to nothing, which is why I need to work on identifying the right clients).-Doing the boot camp really helped build my confidence and push me out of my comfort zone and I'm hoping this is something that can continue through this course. -I'm hoping to improve and build on my skills to be able to offer more services. -To figure out who I want to be as a brand myself (I'm pretty much winging it at the minute)To be confident enough in my business that I can finally quit my job! To be free of the 9-5 life (praying for some travelling). To not have that Sunday night feeling, dreading going back to work on Monday! I do believe everything happens for a reason and hope that my travelling being cancelled last year has been a blessing in disguise that led me to your boot camp! And now future travelling can be even bigger and better with my new career.The absolute dream is to leave my full time job to freelance full time!Not having the security of my monthly wage and worrying about not making enough money freelancing.
Katy HurleyWebsite, Social Media. Developing a on demand section on my website with the vision to grow on membership site and community in the future. I want to improve my seo and social media skills to be able market to more clients.1. Start On Demand Classes on my Website 2. Improve SEO 3. Increase my audience and social media growth 4. Upload a mini course - Hula Hoop for beginnersI am doing well with services at getting clients from social media. I have used my website to run challenges and sell online classes and that has been going wellI need accountability and direction/guidance with designing the on demand section of my website. I want to keep growing social media and grow a bigger following to have more of an audience for my goods and services. By the end of this 8 weeks I want to have a greater understand of SEO, marketing through email and more consistence and purposeful postingI want to keep adding method of passive income and build stepping stones to a membership site that can generate enough passive income I can work on the go and take months off at a time. I want to grow on audience or loyal customers, who are invested in my brand and community.My goal is to make at least 70% of my income online so I can make money while I travel and not have to start from scratch with my business every time I return to Ireland after travelling. I want a membership site where I can have workout videos, classes, courses, challenges and a community of likeminded people. My plan up until the membership is to run online live and on demand classes and build a reliable audience for when I launch the membership site. I want to grow my social media, email marketing and SEO too to give the membership sit the best chance possible.I think knowledge around the best way to set up on demand and membership sites. As well as self belief, I have a lot of ideas but put things off a lot. I think the accountability will be great as well as your knowledge around website. I know my ideas and what I want I just need help with the logistics of turning my idea into a completed product.
Maria CollinsTime management with a full time job (i.e. to work smart) Target audience & securing these clients Meaningful content & engagement with potential clientsI need to plan a way to effectively manage this business with my job as it's completely overwhelming at the moment I want to build my confidence up again I want to narrow down my niche so that I can target clients I want to work with I want to finally complete my own website I want to have a realistic plan of where my business is going in the next 6 months & finally secure clients a few months in advance.I have build some good relationships with business owners who may know others who need sites (this is like 3 people now!!) My Instagram content is quite informativeI really hope that I can carve out a space for this business and balance it in a way that will give me freedom to travel and become a digital nomad. I really want to understand how to chase clients and how to continue to get my business out there and to grow it and make it successfulMost likely taking on another contract for work and trying to work in the business during the shoulders of the year. I want to look back on NYE and see how successful my business has become and how smart I now workI would love to teach part-time in September/only take a contract from Jan 2022 and have the freedom to take this business with me. While I don't want to leave my job completely (it pays well and I have unbelievable holidays and working hours), I'd love to have flexibility with this business and focus on it during times of the year where it won't cause burnout.I have a lot of big decisions to make in the next few months. With teaching, you build up at least 3 years experience and then are entitled to a permanent job (within the Diocese you've spent most time in in the last calendar year). Because I don't want to teach in the area I'm currently in, I need to build up another year in West Cork. This would mean I would have to take on a full-time role, or, alternatively, only teach from Jan-Jun 2022. (could be a lovely option too!!) P.S. Once in a permanent job, you can't freely leave it either- v complicated!!
Ieva RadzeviciuteI want to focus mostly on upskilling and social media. I keep getting delayed with completing freelancer course and getting the cert, I have also started a different course. So before I start to actively looking for clients I want to get these things done and dusted and grow my engagement in the meantime.-Finish Freelancer course -Possibly do CSS course -Finish the course creation course I am doing right now -Get a good working strategy for socials. Get used to being consistent and more confident in posting and talking to the camera. -Launch the website I have been working on for months now (I will suggest to the client to launch it and add courses at a later date when she is ready)I have a lot of great ideas. To be fair I still don't have a strong part, I feel the first time I did SYB I didn't really know what I was doing. This time I feel more confident in the direction I'd like to move and I am ready to put steps in place. Concentrate on a couple of things and do them well.The main reason I am joining again is accountability and community feel. I feel like the last time the 8 weeks went quite well, however I lost track of it once it was over. This time I would like to walk away with strong systems in place.I hope to start looking at this gig more and more like a business rather than hobby. I feel like I still have a lot to learn, but I am also ready to just go for it. I hope to start making money that would give me confidence I can do this full time.To pack a bag and leave 🙂 --> business wise to feel confident to leave the current job or have a fixed date for it in 2022.Procrastination and often low self-esteem 🙂 I also feel like I was running against time, however this time I will have started part-time in work and I feel like this will give me a good chance of putting working systems in place.
Megan Fearon- Have a clear business plan. Have done a few websites (used to sell prints etc - stopped for personal reasons but I should get back into that) - Better at promotion - social media could use improvement & my SEO is non existent - Find new clients - I also have expertise in public speaking, media and social media training - could this be another service? Coaching? Spreading myself too thin?- Time management/prioritisation - Increased visibility on social media - Secure new clients - Website review?- Customer satisfaction. So far I haven't had to look for clients - I have been able to secure clients by word of mouth. All are really happy with their websites.Have a clear plan in place to make enough money and the confidence to think seriously about a new lifestyle & travelling in 2022Come out of 2021 a stronger happier person - have had a real knock to confidence (breakup) so I want to focus on myself, growing as a person and starting fresh. Growing my business is part of that.Make enough money to be able to travel as much as possible in 2022Fear. Self-doubt. Poor time management.
Carol RyanOver the next 8 weeks I would like to focus on growing my business and getting new customers. I would like to focus on identifying new customers and pitching well.To identify and pitch to new clients To increase my social media presence To optimise my website and update it with some more information To offer SEO as a new service once I have completed the course To push myself out of my comfort zoneNot sure, I think I work hard to ensure a service is given to a client that is above their expectations. Not sure that is the right answer - I can't think of a strong area at the moment.To have the confidence to pitch well and get over the imposter syndrome and comparison to others and to have the ability to gain new clients and grow my business.To have a business running that fits in with my lifestyle , that provides some income but mostly provides job satisfaction.The dream goal is to have some very happy clients with launched websites and to be busy working on new clients and to have future clients booked in.My belief that I can do it - that I will be able to do it - this can stop me from pushing on with pitching and posting and growing my business.
Karen KeaneI want to get better at finding and pitching to clients and getting a strategy in place when it comes to reaching out to clients , follow ups etc.I want to have signed and potentially finished working with my first client and have some clients booked in for future dates. I want to have a strong clear brand identity and Instagram presence. I also want to work on my confidence when it comes to talking to people in person about what it is I actually do and if they are a potential client, have the confidence to speak about how working with me can benefit their business.I think my attitude to making it a priority that each potential client gets a personalised experience when we are communicating is a strength of my business. I will always try to come across as approachable, helpful and as professional as possible even if I don't think the conversation is going to lead to us working together. This way it will leave a good impression of me as a person and as a business and may potentially lead to a referral in the future. I am also clear on my niche which allows me to focus more clearly when looking for clients.I hope this program helps with having a strategy for my business in the long term. At the moment I'm taking things week by week without proper structure or plan. I hope to gain confidence in myself when it comes to talking about my business. I hope to have make connections with the other people on the course so we can act as a support for each other in the futureMy hopes and expectations for 2021 is that I become fully focused on pursing my dream of leaving the 9-5 lifestyle and actively working towards that. I want to have a clients added to my portfolio and to see that my business is growing and strengthening as the year goes on. I want to continue to work towards being the most confident version of myself.The dream would be to Freelancing full time and that by the end of 2021 have a plan in place to move abroad in 2022 and be able to work fully online and start living my best life in the sun! I would also love to inspire others to take the chance and chase their dream lifestyle.Time! Since starting the course to now I have been extremely stretched time wise due to work and personal commitments so I haven't been able to give my business the time it needs to reach the level I want it to reach. A good sign is that its on my mind 24/7 I'm just frustrated I cant get the actual time to work on it BUT my work commitments are changing soon so I'm 1000% committed and excited to make my business successful I just need a plan to get going!
Sarah MurphyIdentifying prospective clients and converting to active clients. Pitching and Proposals. Managing clients so that there is a consistent flow of income. Diversifying income stream- building potential other areas of the business that make sense with website design.Have a consistent monthly income Build out further services other than web design Convert clients to other services starting with website maintenance Build a client referral incentivePitches and Proposals have had a good response, very happy to reach out to anyone who I think would be a potential client.Keep me in the right headspace/mindset Direction on gaining clients and building client base Advice on the next steps to take in order to expand services my businessBuild a successful freelance career! Further my web design skills especially CSS Replan wedding for 2022 and get new kitchen! (not sure if you are looking for non business hopes too!)Earn as much/more than my salary through my own business working at it full time.Me! Getting in my own way, dips in confidence, limitations in my experience and knowledge.
Aoife Gaule-Pitching -Social Media -SEO (as I'm currently doing your course) -Possibly relook at 'packages' I offer as I've had a few enquiries from people with lower budgets and the websites they're looking for would suit a very structured package deal -I think I need to focus on being a little bit more professional on calls as sometimes I think I can be overly friendly -Proposals (sometimes I feel my proposals aren't detailed enough or I don't explain the functionality properly)-I would love to have 2 clients secured by the end of the program -I want to have a strong social media presence on both my Instagram and Facebook pages for Officially Online -I want to have SEO up on my website to offer as a service -I want to establish set plans (eg. 3 page website 4, page etc) and pricing for myself so I'm not making it up as I go along (possibly put the plans up on my website without pricing instead of just having web development as a whole on offer)At the moment I feel there are no strengths. I've taken a bit of a back seat with the social media aspect. I'm currently working on a family members site but they've taken ages to get the content to me so I've only really just started. I feel my biggest strength at the moment is my excitement and complete determination to work-My hopes from the program is that I will establish a proper 3, 6, 12 month plan for Officially Online which will help me achieve my 2021 goal -I would love to be fully confident with pitches and proposals -My hope from this program is to come out feeling like 'Okay I actually do own Officially Online, I run a business and I can do this!' I hope it's a push for me to really swap over to that entrepreneur mindset as at the moment I feel I'm a bit scared to-My hopes for 2021 is to upskill with your SEO course and Nadines social media course to be able to add these skills and services to my website to offer them to potential clients -My biggest hope and expectation from 2021 is to be able to say at the end of the year yes I changed careers and I'm killing it!! (Fingers crossed lol)My dream goal for 2021 is to be both confident enough and financially stable to freelance fulltime by December as I'm moving abroad in January and would love the freedom of being able to work from my laptop!-Not finding clients due to my lack of confidence with pitching -At the moment I still work full-time in my other job (as I want to save as much as possible before moving away) so I really need to get better at my time management as I will be managing both jobs until December
Niamh McSweeneyGrowing my web development skills and gaining paying clientsMore confidence in my new skill and gaining a paying clientDigital and social media, although I don’t have a client just yetHoping to build more confidence in my skills and to secure a paying client! Become better at pitchingQuit my 9-5 and be full time freelanceFull time freelance with quality clients.Confidence in my skills and knowing the right clients to target.
Claire EnrightI want to get a website client! Have sent one pitch out and got reply which was very demotivating. I have quoted for 2 websites now - Aoife Noonan (wanted a freebie) and a guy from instagram who went with someone cheaper (quoted €800). I want to land a proper website clientI want to get a website client and have another way lined up Want to become confident when pitching to clients Want to grow my Social Media and launch the paid social media call Want to grow my social media business (have 1 client signed up)Social media I think is definitely my strongest - my instagram is growing steadily. I recently created a Facebook page too.To get more confident in myself. I want to be able to pitch to clients without feeling nervous. I want to grow my business by doing a website every 1/2 months, have a few maintenance contracts and also my social business businessFinally move into my house that I bought last year!! Haha! We are in the middle of renovations and everything with Covid is taking longer! I hope to be happy in my career. I am currently working as a Revenue Manager in a hotel and I want to leave the hospitality industry. I hope to get another job which gives me the flexibility to grow The Creative Edge on the side. For 2021, I want to have created at least 4 websites and have 4 social media clients.Hmmm this is a hard one. Honestly, I think I need to believe more in myself and my skills. I want a new job! I want to have a steady extra income from The Creative Edge. I want to have a brand that is recognised and known for being good at what they do!My lack of belief in myself! I am my own worst enemy at times. I take on too much and when it gets tough, I give up. The Creative Edge has been slow to start with which I found a bit demotivating to be honest, everyone seems to have gotten clients except me. I am also nervous of taking on a project which I can't do or it doesn't live up to what the client desired.
Laura Kelly- Growing my business, attracting clients, pitching to clients- confidence with pitching to clients - upskilling in CSS, SEO, branding - making social media posts - what else can I add to my website/ where i can improve my websiteNot too sure !- be able to set plans in place to achieve my goals after the course- build socials - expand site/ services - pitching to potential clients regularly- have completed 4 paid websites - confidence with pitching to clients- working full time, job is quite stressful and can be long hours - shy when it comes to reaching out to new clients - worried about not being experienced enough when meeting with potential clients
Kelli Ostler-Working with clients -SEO -Organization-work with 2 clients. One clients from start to finish and at least start on the second client. - I want to set up a folder with everything I need to remember for working with clients. Kind of like a check list, which I know you sent out a similar spreadsheet, but I also want everything I might need in one place so its easily accessible. things like contract templates, pitch templates, the client questionnaire, a quote template, everything. (I already started on this but I know there are things I'm forgetting) -SEO the crap out of my website -Get all affiliate marketing and ads up and running perfectly...nothing so farI hope that during this 8 weeks I get everything organized and working perfectly. & have started working with clients.Be able to make a full salary out of web dev/blog income....not sure at the moment. Ill have to think about this one...^
Catriona MannionTo improve confidence and capability in web development and to offer SEO as a service.To build confidence and learn how to grow CR Media as a brand.Social media following is slowly starting to build business profile.Guidance ,motivation and help with achieving goals.To be successful in growing business as much as possible.To be busy and in demand!Confidence and time!
Sadhbh McCoyPut client processes in place - luckily I haven't found it too hard to get clients so far (I am still working full time so I am happy with the amount of interest I have). I would like to streamline the process from when the client first gets in touch, to the client questionnaire, the proposal, the website building process, launch and finishing up with the client. Basically to be more confident in the process and prepared for all scenarios. I feel a bit underprepared, and I know this will improve with more experience, but would like to do all I can to feel more confident now.Create some solid processes - like an SMC Social handbook that I can refer to. Maybe a list I can tick off when a client first gets in touch. What the process is if I am starting from scratch building a website for a client. What is the process if a client already has a site. What email addresses to set up various accounts with (eg. Siteground, Wordpress, etc) Making sure I get what I need from the client (logos, images, content) and if there is a specific vision they have for their site - so I know what they are expecting it to look like. Also a wrap up process - making sure they are happy, being confident enough to ask for a Testimonial. So basically a solid process that I can refer to and not get stressed or miss anything!At the moment I think it would be interest levels - mainly from word of mouth from previous clients, since my first client website launched I have had lots of interest from new clients, generally young female business owners in the fitness and wellness industry. I am confident that I won't have an issue getting clients over the next few months.To feel more confident in myself as a developer, I was so stressed doing my first client website and my anxiety was through the roof. I need to calm down and trust the process - which I feel will be helped once I have my own processes in place, ha! I also loved the bootcamp and the support of the group. I think it will help being in a small group where we can talk about our issues or how we plan on growing our businesses. Sometimes I feel like everyone else knows exactly what they are doing and that I don't have a clue.I plan to leave my current role in the summer, I may still go in to another full time job but in case I don't, I would like to think I could give freelancing a go. I would like to build my web business up to at least have the option of going full time! If not full time, to have a system in place so I can easily balance full time work with freelancing on the side.The absolute dream would be to travel this year and work while I go, but I think this may need to go on hold until at least 2022. So as a more realistic goal is to be confident and have faith in myself as a developer.I am the worst for imposter syndrome. I can get so overwhelmed when things go wrong or if a client asks a question I don't know the answer to - even if it's no big deal. This puts me off going full time freelance as I'm not sure I could handle the ups and downs. I think I am my biggest obstacle really!
Ieva RadzeviciuteI want to focus on increasing engagement on social media. Getting new clients, focusing on finding premium clients. Expand my services to more than website building, possibly such as Virtual assistant, helping people organize themselves better, be more efficient etc.. ( I am hoping to get some more concrete ideas throughout this course)1 website every 5 weeks for the future. Few maintenance contracts. Get the Instagram page traction Make a video or a post educating audience on web design + business growth once a week (learn myself more about steps towards business growth + learn more about features of Instagram) Marketing emailI am not sure. I only done 1 more website after the course. But the will to do this in 2021 is strong 🙂I hope to gain some confidence for putting myself out there. Structured actions for the first steps to get me started. Advice and connecting with others who are trying to grow their business. I hope to improve traffic for my services and figure out options for diversifying my offerings.I hope to be able to leave the job I am currently in, work on the website business and dedicate all my time to it until the end of 2021 + 2022. Hoping to travel after that, when our world is hopefully in a better place by the end of 2022/2023. I want to dedicate 2021 for first big steps to working for myself.Leave my current job and feel financially stable. Gain some confidence in myself and grow my own business through which I can hopefully help others do the same. Connect with likeminded people.Fear and uncertainty. I feel like I need to dedicate more time to learning. Also I think accountability 🙂
Lisa Matthews- Improve social media content - Organisation strategise - Do SEO course - Finding clients- Get comfortable with sharing my knowledge on social media - Build more confidence in myself - Get at least one client - Build better content - Possibly update my website such as images and certain textBeing so new and still not having my first client I’m not feeling very strong in any aspect ( imposter syndrome at its finest)- Cleary know what I should be doing most weeks to help my business as I get abit lost and overwhelmed with what I should do to grow while not having clients.I would love to be getting consistent work ( hopefully one a month) by the end of 2021 and be confident in my knowledge and work. Also continue doing small courses and continue to learned I can offer more to my clients.To have a full time income as a web designer.- imposter syndrome - confidence - scared of rejection when reaching out to local companies I know - Not having a clear weekly schedule to keep me on track
Kristina WhittamImproved technical ability - membership/shop Better marketing, getting my name out there Elevator pitch!I want to have completed my first client website by the time the course has ended. This will give me the confidence to offer my services to future clients. I would like to be proficient in other technical features that I've not yet done. I'd like to really hone in on what my differentiator is compared to other people in the industry, and generate an elevator pitch accordingly so when i meet prospective clients I can really capture what my business is about.I feel confident in my offering (limited to what i have experience in). I am passionate about designing and building fantastic websites for clients. I also feel confident in my ability to offer professional business advice, often outside of building websites. I think this is the reason I was able to secure my first client because she trusted my commercial awareness and business acumen without seeing many examples of my previous work.To feel confident, and go forth with a spring in my step that i do know what I'm doing so I can get more high ticket customers.To earn a living from my business! I've now given up my job, and whilst I have my first client lined up, it would not be enough to sustain a reasonable living currently.To make enough money to live comfortably.Lack of experience, competition in the field. Lockdown (could be an obstacle or an opportunity) if businesses are putting investment on hold.
Michelle Kelly- Efficiently marketing my business on social media to grow engagement and increase audience - Improving my existing website (would like your ideas on what I could improve) - Learn about successful email marketing - Increase website traffic & reach - Time mangement & organisation- Implement a social media strategy to increase engagement & grow audience - Get as many websites as possible booked in for 2021 - Find at least 1 (maybe 2) premium client(s) - Implement a banging email marketing strategy - Learn to nail my pitches & proposals - Become more organised, procrastinate less & work on my time management skills (I get distracted very easily & watch way too much netflix)- I'm starting to get more confident using CSS and feel like I'm getting to know WP Bakery really well! Troubleshooting is taking a 3rd of the time it took me on the course. - I'm also feeling more confident about what I can do and the value I can bring to clients, as a result I'm more at ease speaking to clients as I feel like I actually know what I'm talking about (most of the time anyway) - I know my worth and have no issue with quoting a good amount of money for my work- To grow my business with the hope of going full time at some point this year and leaving my day job. - Have an email marketing strategy - Know what I'm doing on social media and not feel completely lost! - To have improved my website - To have more websites lined up for the year - To have at least 1 premium client lined up - Better time managementHave websites booked in back to back Work with 1-2 premium clients (maybe more) Go full time and leave my day job Reach 3k followers on instagram (ensuring they are quality followers that engage with my content) Complete SEO Course Invest in a social media management course (I would like to add this to my services next year)Be a full-time developer and be earning 3 - 4 k a website before 2022My motivation, consistency, anxiety, lack of knowledge and self-doubt. I try not to compare myself with others but I do it constantly. My time management is lacking and I find it difficult to have a routine working by myself at home. I'm either working all day and night or having too many days off!
Since completing the course I have had two clients back to back this is great but I feel like I haven't been promoting myself that much on social media. I'd like to focus on improving this and reaching a bigger audience and more clients. Also finding clients.I have been using social media for so long and have done many courses/watched webinars etc I believe that I have a lot of knowledge about using platforms such as Instagram. A goal could be to use these for my own business but also to share tips and tricks with my audience to help them. This could be through videos or ebooks. This could be anything from why you need a website to creating cool stories graphics because the audience I want to attract are influencers and also businesses.I think having two websites that are very different I have learned a lot from these but also it will be good to show these to my future clients.I hope to get more confident with my web designing and hopefully attract more clientsBe able to support myself doing something I love.
Detailed and realistic business plan Business website up and running with services offered Increase website portfolio to showcase to potential clients Approaching and securing more high end clients Earn an income of EUR 2,000 a monthGood work life balance - do not want to feel like I am constantly working Good routines and systems and habits in place to be productive working for myself Confidence with my own skills and ability to approach clients Upskill my own web development skills by getting clients with more complex needs Increase income earned from sitesMy commitment to the business. Have been working full time and just didn’t have the time or energy to commit to my business. I am now giving this my full attention and intend to upskill and have the time to take on more clients.Hope to create a working life for myself from web development and expect that weekly calls will help to keep me accountable as I transition to fully working for myself. I also hope that it will help me to identify more high end clients so that I can earn a decent income from my business. I hope that you can give me some advice and help direct me to the most important aspects that I should be focusing on.Develop from small sole traders to more medium sized companies that require more complex business sites. Earn enough of an income to break even for the first couple of months of 2021. Learn more about web development and get more confident selling my skills.Earn enough income from my freelance web development to earn a disposable income of up to EUR 2,000 and monthly savings of EUR 1,000 which will give me enough security to enable me to travel while also saving so I don’t have to go back to a 9 to 5 job.Doubting myself and panicking about working for myself and not giving the business enough time to develop. I hope I have already overcome this as I am giving myself a minimum of 6 months in Dubai to work on my business full time. I have all of my big expenses paid for as rent is paid in advance so it is not due again until end of June. I also have savings to fall back on if I don’t earn a big enough income each month so hoping this will give me enough time to develop my skills and confidence further.
My time management around my day job to dedicate time to the business. I want to build my skills at pitching and identifying potential clients. Social media posting to promote my business and ads Update my own website with a booking calendar and also SEO and have a plan for 2021 to keep scaling my busines1. Ensure my website fufills SEO to help bring it to the top for internet searches 2. Add a booking calendar to help with enquiries and allow discussions with potential clients 3. Have at least 2 clients booked in by the end of the two weeks 4. Have social media posts scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance and pay for ads on facebook and instagram 5. Work on my pitching skills - identifying potential clients and writing pitches.I am determined to make this a success I have completed the SEO course and am going to implement on my own websiteI hope that I can finally land a client to start my new career and that I build my skills in searching for clients and pitching to them. I expect in myself that I will keep my focus and tick of the goals I have set. I am being held accountable to ensure I put the time and effort into my businessI hope that I can have clients booked in and eventually by the middle of the year can go full time freelance in time for summer. I would like to be able to quit my day job full time or at least reduce my hours so I can devote more of my time building my business. I want to be able to have worked lined up for most of the year to allow me flexibility to work when I visit Australia and see family if possible by the end of 2021.To be making enough money to allow me to be full time freelancing. Have clients booked in and to increase my portfolio on my website.My confidence in myself - it fluctuates between feeling very motivated and then loosing steam. I have had 3 weeks off the final part of 2020 due to burnout. I have not been spending enough time with a clear plan I have so much more to learn Not putting the effort in each evening and on my weekends to drive my business forward, pitching and self promotion Not having social media posts set up and scheduled and knowing what content to put out Identifying prospective clients