Website in a Weekend

Welcome to ‘Website In A Weekend’ – the course that helps you to get your business online in 48 hours of intensive development. Below are your course lessons, which will take you from buying your domain name to launching your website. The lessons will take you through building your website step-by-step, so don’t skip any […]
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Day 1

Today you are going to get your website setup and Wordpress installed on your server. You will build your self-hosted website architecture, and understand what you are doing along the way. At the end of today users will be able to type your domain name into their browser and see an 'Under Construction' message.


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Website In A Weekend

Need to get your business online, but don't know where to start? Website In A Weekend is the crash course that you need! WIAW can rescue you from falling into the trap of packaged websites with spiraling costs, and help you build a website 100% owned by you. The annual cost of running your website can be just €29 per year with this course, and you can have full access to add a store, members area, online courses, bookings etc FOR FREE. Helping people own their own tech is important to me. As a web developer, I know that all I need is an idea and I have the skills to get it online and start making money from my idea. I want to give that power to non-developers too. You don't need to know how to code. You don't even need to learn how to code. This course teaches you how to get your business online without writing a single line of code! Click here to view the course lessons on structure. Sign up for WIAW and get your business online!


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