StephMyLife Accelerated Freelancer Bootcamp

Start a new career as a freelance website designer. Be your own boss, become location independent, and live the lifestyle you want.
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Week 1: Setting Up Your Website

Create your brand identity, determine your target client, and your colour scheme. This week is mostly non-technical, with the exception of getting our domain & hosting set up.


Week 2, Part 1: Installing Your Theme

This week we will finish your website setup, put your website under construction, and install your theme. Have this section completed before our 1:1 call.


Week 2, Part 2: Customizing Your Theme

In this module, you are going to learn about 4 important tools that help us build websites. You will use these to change the colour scheme of your website and to complete your 'Contact Me' page.


Week 3: Develop A Responsive Site

Use the tools you studied in week 2 to continue working through your website page-by-page. Create your About / Services and any other non-functional pages. You will get faster and better at development this week and learn how to make your pages responsive so they look great on phones, tablets and computers.


Week 4: Adding Functionality

This week we are adding functionality to our websites, so that our websites can start to earn money. You will be configuring a shop, course, blog, membership area, or an functionality that your business requires. You will also be starting to work on your hompage.


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