StephMyLife Accelerated Entrepreneur Bootcamp

Start a new career running an online business. Be your own boss, become location independent, and live the lifestyle you want.
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Week 1: Prepare Your Strategy & Content

This week we will get our business plans finalised, get our content ready for socials and the website, and get our website online.


Week 3: Install Our Theme

This week, we are switching off our business brains with our strategy and content created. You will delve into development, and start building out the pages on your website. We will have our Contact & About pages finished by the end of the week.


Week 4: Adding Functionality

This week we are adding functionality to our websites, so that our websites can start to earn money. You will be configuring a shop, course, blog, membership area, or an functionality that your business requires. You will also be starting to work on your hompage.


Week 5: Finalising & Testing

This week, you will be finalising your homepage and testing your website to make sure it's ready for launch. We will be testing how well our websites perform on mobile devices, making sure that our functionality works as expected, and we will be getting someone to blind-test the site so that it can be perfect for the launch.


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