Career Coaching

Introducing our first non-technical course, to help you kick start your dream career!

The StephMyLife Career Coaching Program will give you the support, guidance and practical help in identifying and creating your dream career.
Over 10 weeks of group sessions, we will:
  • Unlock your creativity
  • Define your career goals
  • Identify your individual strengths & obstacles
  • Create strategies to help you succeed
  • Build a framework for reaching your goals
  • Provide weekly accountability and group support
  • Set you on the path to success


What is the StephMyLife 10-Week Career Coaching Program?

This is a 10-week group coaching program designed for anyone who knows they want to make a change in their life/career but don’t know how to make it happen. I have successfully made the transition from a settled 9-5 life to working in my dream job and living life on my terms. One thing I am very sure of is that it would have been a lot easier and a lot quicker for me to reach this stage if I had received the right support and guidance to help me on this journey from the start.

Realising your dream career is not actually that hard! The hard part is getting started and making the right decisions. With this course, I want to help you get started and build a framework for achieving your goals.

This course is about YOU: your unique strengths, ambitions and dreams, and breaking down the obstacles that you put in your own way. The coaching will involve practical help, advice, tips and templates along with personal coaching to help you  identify your individual barriers to success and help you overcome them.

Start Date & Duration

There are currently two start dates available which you can view below. The course lasts for 10 weeks.

Who Is This Program For?

The StephMyLife Career Coaching Program is for anyone who is looking for support, guidance and practical help in building their dream career:
  • People who feel stuck in their career & need a change
  • Anyone who wants to work online & is looking for inspiration
  • People who know what they want to do, but are struggling to make it happen
  • Business owners who want to implement new income streams
  • Anyone who needs a push to finally make things happen for them!

What you’ll get from the Program

This program is designed to help you determine what you want your life / career to look like, and give you the practical help and personal support to create this life. You will receive weekly group coaching which will take you from idea to implementation.
  • Week 1: Who Am I, And What Do I Want?
  • Week 2: Getting Out Of Your Own Way.
  • Week 3: Unlocking Your Creativity. 
  • Week 4: Idea Generation. 
  • Week 5: Identifying Opportunities
  • Week 6: Breaking The Wall
  • Week 7: Executing Your Vision
  • Week 8: Keeping The Momentum
  • Week 9: Who Am I Now?
  • Week 10: How To Grow

What you won’t get from the Program

In this course you will not have weekly 1-1 coaching. Instead we will have group coaching calls and you will be provided with course materials throughout.

What is the Time Commitment?

  • There will be weekly 1.5 hour Sunday Group Zoom Coaching Call
  • There will be worksheets to fill out each week, which are based around your goals & keeping you organised. These are not designed to be time intensive, so someone with a busy job can easily do the course.


You can pay in full for the program when you book your spot. Within 24 hours you will receive a calendar invite to the weekly calls.


Overall I found the course really informative & I felt Steph really made you think outside the box in terms of possibilities you can do career wise. I guess I was slightly different as I had already made the career change & so was looking for insight on how to propel my business further and with Steph’s knowledge of the online world and working virtually I found it really helpful to see what opportunities there was for my business. Although I am very introverted I found the marketing challenges in the break out rooms really fun and I went every time from “I can’t do this ” to coming up with some actual fun ideas so there is an element of being pushed outside your comfort zoom but there’s no pressure behind it either.

Rhiannon Gleeson

The career coaching course was just what I needed to give me a bit of structure and accountability to set up my new VA business. Steph has a wealth of knowledge on so many industries and was able to provide invaluable advice throughout the course. I also thought there was a great balance of practical advice & mindset work to help you get over all the mindset blocks and limiting beliefs when initially starting a business. When I bought this course I knew I wanted to work online, but I wasn’t sure how and with Steph’s guidance & a lot of work I finished the course with my business setup and 4 clients.

Clodagh McIlhatton

I absolutely loved this course! Steph was inspiring, motivating & a wealth of knowledge. The course topics were well laid out, informative and I loved the goal setting each week to keep you accountable and on track. The group of women that took part were also amazing I really looked forward to our weekly calls, truth be told I’m sad it’s over!

Aoibhínn Cullen

I am so glad I signed up for the course. Not only did I learn a lot about myself, but also loads of productivity tips too.
The biggest outcome though was being given the tools to face some fears and step out of my comfort zone. But even that wasn’t that too scary as Steph guides you along way. You aren’t just thrown in the deep end.
I found the weekly calls with Steph so motivating – I really will miss my weekly dose of Steph encouragement!
The added bonus was the other ladies on the course. They were all so friendly and supportive. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Monique Gardner

This was a brilliant course for SUCH good value. I’ve paid for coaching before and I got more in the first class of Steph’s than I did out of entire runs of a course before. Steph is a wealth of knowledge and the group setting is brilliant as you not only get some one-on-one time but you also get to listen to the advice she gives others and learn from others in the process. I would recommend this to anyone who’s looking to get out of a rut and get some direction – you will not leave this course empty handed.

Lauren Foley

Life changing!
Three months ago I couldn’t decide on a style of career coaching nevermind a new career. Ironically; I have been too busy to leave a well deserved review as I have been studying towards my goals – that says it all really.

The style of the career coaching is perfect for someone who is ensure of where they are going; what they strengths are; someone lacking in confidence in their abilities. You follow a very clear and concise thought plan with tasks that will take you to where you need to be; or well on the way to it.
The group format is encouraging; supportive and thought provoking – not to mention inspirational.

Steph; being a success herself; is firm but fair; you will get out of this course the effort you put in. She is very practical, encouraging and also challenging when the need arises. A font of good ideas and there is always a solution to any issue that you bring to her. She instills a confidence in people that can be badly needed.

Finally; I did the course with a view to changing career and not setting up my own business and it suited me perfectly as well as others who were setting up alone and online etc.

I cannot recommend this course & Steph highly enough.

Yvonne Barry