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StephMyLife Freelancer Bootcamp

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Freelancer Bootcamp

Create and launch a high quality, responsive website in 8-12 weeks and learn the skills to embark on a new career.This course is designed to give you a fast track to the knowledge and skills you need to become a freelance WordPress website developer.

The course covers finding clients, pitching for jobs, pricing your skills, determining deadlines as well as how to build high quality websites. The course format includes 5 or 9 weeks of intensive learning, followed by 3 weeks of extended support by me as you start your first paid job. 

Entrepreneur Bootcamp

Do you have a skill you can market? A business idea you can launch? A profile you want to grow? Or do you have a business already and want to create a better website and learn how to make more money from it? Then this is the course for you.

Please note that if you want to set up a business offering your services as a freelance website developer, this is not the right course for you. The Freelancer Bootcamp will teach you the skills required to work with clients and freelance as a web developer. 

10 Week Career Coaching

Our first and only non-technical group coaching course, designed to unlock your potential and discover your dream career. Stuck in a rut? Hate your job and want to do something better? Love what you do but need help charging more and working less? Let me help!

CSS Bootcamp

New to CSS, or want to improve your skills? This self-guided course will turn you into a CSS whizz in 12 weeks. Spend 1 hour a week up skilling, and in 3 months build better websites.

SEO For Beginners

Learn how to optimise your website for SEO and reach potential clients and customers organically. This is also for freelancers who want to add SEO to their services.

Coding For Beginners

New to web design? Never written a line of code in your life but want to give it a try? Enroll in my free beginners coding challenges below and give it a try, or get stuck in to my Web Design For Beginners course.


Find out how to make any beach look like you’re in the Maldives, How to turn any sunset into a dreamy photograph, and how to highlight your best features in selfies and portrait photos. Become an expert at using the colour and light panels in Lightroom to completely transform your photos.

Want to love what you do?Let us show you how

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