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Flexi Freelancer Is Here!

Our bestselling course, designed to fit around your schedule.


Become a freelance website designer in your own time, and at your own pace. Our CPD Accredited ‘Freelancer Bootcamp’ now offers a flexible option, allowing you to complete the course even with a demanding schedule.

  • Access the course immediately
  • Book 1:1 coaching calls when you need them
  • Launch when you’re ready
  • Receive the same coursework as our Extended Freelancer Bootcamp

With Flexi Freelancer, you are no longer limited to a strict launch schedule. Instead you can choose from any one one of our 2023 launch dates, allowing you to launch when you are ready! And it’s more affordable! Click the button below to check it out and sign up today.

StephMyLife Skills Training


We are excited to launch our brand new SMLTB Skills Sessions, which has been created to help you leave the 9-5, or become a better freelancer or business owner. The academy is packed full of talks and coaching seminars on topics like:

  • Creating Your Brand Identity
  • Social Media Made Easy
  • Monetising Your Blog
  • Pricing and marketing an online course
  • Harnessing The Power Of Your Analytics

Freelancers will learn valuable skills which will allow them to work better with clients, and offer additional paid services. Business or brand owners will learn how run their business better with more automations and better pricing and marketing skills. Check out a few of our upcoming events below, or click here to see the full list.

Freelancer Bootcamp

Create and launch a high quality, responsive website in 5 or 9 weeks and learn the skills to embark on a new career.This course is designed to give you a fast track to the knowledge and skills you need to become a freelance WordPress website developer.

Entrepreneur Bootcamp

Do you have a skill you can market? A business idea you can launch? A profile you want to grow? Or do you have a business already and want to create a better website and learn how to make more money from it? Then this is the course for you.

See What Our Graduates Have To Say!

I hesitated for years on signing up to the Freelancer Bootcamp course and my only regret is not doing it sooner. I was always putting it off thinking I could never do it, I do not have the skills and if you too are thinking this please stop and take the leap now. You will… Read more “Karyn Clohessy”

Karyn Clohessy

I completed the Flexi Freelancer Course which was amazing to be able to work around my schedule at the time. Even though we had less calls, the content is very easy to follow & the 1:1 coaching calls were so beneficial so there was never an issue. Steph is such a great teacher & has… Read more “Aisling O Sullivan”

Aisling O Sullivan

Investing in the Extended Freelancer Bootcamp completely changed my life! I am so glad I decided to take the leap and sign up for the course. I never thought I would learn how to design & create a website in just 12 weeks, but the passion and devotion Steph & Kristina have is just phenomenal!… Read more “Kate O’Callaghan-Gapsa”

Kate O'Callaghan-Gapsa

I had thought about doing the Freelancer Bootcamp course for ages before actually signing up, I’m so glad I did! The weekly calls and huddles/1:1’s were really good for keeping me focused and on track, especially on the days I thought I would never be able to build a website. Steph, Kristina and Alana were… Read more “Joanne Jackson”

Joanne Jackson

I thoroughly enjoyed the freelancer bootcamp course. It has always been a dream of mine to start my own business and never thought this was achievable until I started the freelancer bootcamp, where I launched my own website in 9 weeks – The format of the course is very manageable and achievable with project… Read more “Laura O Shea”

Laura O Shea

Steph’s Freelancer Bootcamp had been on my radar for a while, and the course completely surpassed my expectations. The course content was challenging and interesting, and the extended bootcamp was still manageable alongside other work and life commitments. The level of support we got from Steph and Kristina was phenomenal, and the mix of group… Read more “Holly Close”

Holly Close

I found the whole experience of the Freelancer bootcamp to be a fantastic one. I completed the extended course alongside working a busy 9-5 job and managed to complete the course and launch my very own website – Nova Web Design! The course was a real eye opener for me by showing me the endless… Read more “Tara Keady”

Tara Keady

I signed up for the Extended Freelancer Bootcamp and it was a challenging but really fun experience! Steph and Kristina are super coaches and were so helpful and motivating throughout the whole process. The 1:1 calls and group huddles were very beneficial, and it was nice hear from other people who were doing the course… Read more “Niamh Bennett”

Niamh Bennett

I completed the extended freelancer bootcamp and I am so happy I did! In 12 weeks, I have learned a whole new set of skills, have built my own website, and I am excited to start my freelance journey. The highlight of the course for me was our weekly group huddles and 1-2-1 coaching calls.… Read more “Rebecca Youdell”

Rebecca Youdell

What can I say, this Bootcamp and Steph are so fab! I completed the extended course, and honestly it was amazing. I learnt so much in such a short space of time, but I am still learning by being part of Steph’s community and all the continued support she offers after the programme. I have… Read more “Siobhán MacCourt”

Siobhán MacCourt

I completed the accelerated freelancer bootcamp after thinking about it for some time and I am so glad I did. I had zero experience in web development but from start to finish I felt supported by Steph and Kristina. There were definitely times of imposter syndrome and I still feel that today but the community… Read more “Aisling Egan”

Aisling Egan

Investing in the Freelancer Bootcamp is definitely the right choice! If you’re thinking about doing it, go for it! I started the course with absolutely no experience in Web Development so was understandably nervous starting out. The structure of the course is set out so that each week you focus on a different topic and… Read more “Imogen Scutt”

Imogen Scutt

After being on my radar for a while, I finally bit the bullet and signed up for the Extended Freelancer course last year. Since I was in a completely different timezone, I was worried about how I would take part in the weekly calls. But Steph was really accommodating, and she was generous with her… Read more “Aishling Browne”

Aishling Browne

After being on my radar for a while, I finally bit the bullet and signed up for the Extended Freelancer course last year. Since I was in a completely different timezone, I was worried about how I would take part in the weekly calls. But Steph was really accommodating and she was generous with her… Read more “Full Name”

I completed in the accelerated Freelancer Bootcamp and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. It was such a fun and interesting learning experience that I would recommend to anyone interested in learning web development. Steph and her team were excellent at making you feel supported and encouraged every step… Read more “Gillian Quirke”

Gillian Quirke

The Freelancer Bootcamp was such a great investment! I did the course with no knowledge of web design whatsoever and I was so nervous to start but honestly, the course material that you have access to and the access you have to Steph and the team is just invaluable. The support you receive throughout (and… Read more “Hayley Tomlinson”

Hayley Tomlinson

I absolutely loved my experience in this course. I learned so much over the few weeks and am so proud of my finished product. It’s always challenging to try and learn a new skill but both Steph and Kristina were so good at explaining things in an understandable way. They never made me feel like… Read more “Aimee Duffy”

Aimee Duffy

Signing up for the Freelancer Bootcamp was one of the best things I’ve ever done, I genuinely enjoyed every minute of it! Yes, it was stressful at times as you learn so much in the 8/12 weeks and working a full time job at the same time wasn’t easy but Steph and Kristina give such… Read more “Shauna Foley”

Shauna Foley

Being a part of the Freelancer Bootcamp was amazing. Steph and Kristina are amazing coaches and I’ve come away from the course feeling confident and ready to take the leap into the developer world. The course is well thought out and organised. It’s definitely tough, learning a new skill from scratch is daunting but with… Read more “Robyn Lucioni”

Robyn Lucioni

The Accelerated Freelancer Bootcamp was an extremely challenging and rewarding experience. I signed up last minute for this course and really enjoyed being thrown right in the deep end. After 5 weeks I was so proud to have launched While you learn the technical aspects of web design, the real value in this bootcamp comes… Read more “Vanessa Monahan”

Vanessa Monahan

Hands down the best thing I ever did for myself! This course has brought so many opportunities and has completely changed the trajectory of my career. I am now running Jeune Digital from Perth, Australia and I can work with clients confidently thanks to the skills I have learned from… Read more “Eimear Morris”

Eimear Morris

If you have been thinking about doing the course – do it! It really is such a great investment in yourself! I have gone from having no web design knowledge to building a website for a client in just 12 weeks The course also teaches much more than just web design, I learned so much about… Read more “Caroline Murphy”

Caroline Murphy

The bootcamp was brilliant. Learning a new skill with so much potential to change your life in less than 12 weeks is amazing. It is intense and with working 9 to 5 at the same time, there were points that I thought I wouldn’t do it. However, the support from Kristina and Steph certainly made… Read more “Katie Aldridge”

Katie Aldridge

Learning website development with Stephmylife bootcamps for me was amazing. I had tried other online courses before but none were like Steph’s course. The detailed course work is laid out step by step and both Steph and Kristina are on hand throughout to guiding you through the sticky bits. I’m so pleased and proud to… Read more “Stephanie Foley”

Stephanie Foley

I have been interested in web design for quite some time and finally took the plunge and signed up to the Freelancer Bootcamp towards the end of lockdown. I think the pandemic reminded many of us that there is a new way of working and that the opportunities to work online are endless. I had… Read more “Aoife Stanton”

Aoife Stanton

Steph put a lot of thought and effort in to the course and it shows. The course content was well laid out and easy to understand. It made learning easy and was structured in a way that made building a website easy. I found the calls so beneficial – from group calls to huddles and… Read more “Nikita Ryan”

Nikita Ryan

Great! The boot camp was exactly what I needed to get started on something I had thought about doing for a long time. It made me accountable and each of the steps were easy to follow and well explained. All the help Steph and Kristina gave was great and they really made an effort to… Read more “Peadar McVeigh”

Peadar McVeigh

First of all, I couldn’t recommend this course enough. I was shocked at what I managed to achieve and learn in the space of 12 weeks while still working my full time job. But that just goes to show just what an incredible course Steph has managed to put together. It is both intensive but… Read more “Lyndsey McEneff”

Lyndsey McEneff

The Freelancer Bootcamp was the best investment I ever made. Steph’s drive, passion and dedication to not only her business but to her students is so inspiring and motivating – it makes you want to work 10x harder. All course modules are broken down into manageable tasks making them easy to follow, and along with… Read more “Rhiannon Jones”

Rhiannon Jones

The Scale Your Business Course with Kristina has been super beneficial, I have learnt so much in the last 8 weeks! I am now mega motivated to continuously work on my business goals and have learnt many tools from the course to support me on my journey. The course has helped in so many areas… Read more “Sarah MacNamara”

Sarah MacNamara

Overall I found the course really informative & I felt Steph really made you think outside the box in terms of possibilities you can do career wise. I guess I was slightly different as I had already made the career change & so was looking for insight on how to propel my business further and… Read more “Rhiannon Gleeson”

Rhiannon Gleeson

To be honest I signed up for this course not knowing exactly what my goal was! It has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for me. I love to travel and have been searching for many years about how to support myself financially while I travel! I have launched my website in January and… Read more “Sarah MacNamara”

Sarah MacNamara

The freelancer bootcamp was an intense and incredible experience, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who has even a slight curiosity about building a website and getting it online. I set myself a goal last year of creating a website, and with Steph’s help I not only achieved it but exceeded it. My website… Read more “Nicole Casey”

Nicole Casey

The career coaching course was just what I needed to give me a bit of structure and accountability to set up my new VA business. Steph has a wealth of knowledge on so many industries and was able to provide invaluable advice throughout the course. I also thought there was a great balance of practical… Read more “Clodagh McIlhatton”

Clodagh McIlhatton

My experience of the Freelancer Bootcamp was mixed. At times I found it extremely overwhelming and times I found it really enjoyable. At one point I almost dropped out as I felt I was way out of my comfort zone. At this point I communicated how I was feeling with Steph and she “thankfully” gave… Read more “Kim Heavin”

Kim Heavin

The course was incredible! As someone with no tech background, the course is packed with information that you need to become a freelance web developer but is easy to understand. The pre coursework was really useful in getting to grips with the coding required. I completed the course when working full time in the nhs… Read more “Emma Price”

Emma Price

The freelancer bootcamp was an incredible course. Everything was planned out so well from start to finish. The course covered a range of topics from CSS to pitching to new potential clients. The support from Steph and the girls was so much more than I expected. They had no problem scheduling extra calls if you… Read more “Aoife Connolly”

Aoife Connolly

Completing the Freelancer Bootcamp has changed my life. I found a love for tech that I never knew I had. Steph and Kristina are amazing and provide so much support throughout the course. It was the best investment I have ever made for myself and my career, and I am so proud of the website… Read more “Laura Mckeown”

Laura Mckeown

I am honestly so happy I decided to invest in me and my career with this course. I learnt more than I could’ve ever imagined in 8 weeks. The first 4 weeks of the course focuses on web design and building your website: which sounds daunting especially with having no previous web design experience, however… Read more “Blaithin McAdam”

Blaithin McAdam

I really enjoyed the Steph My Life Freelancer course! It was 5+ weeks of hard work which reaped rewards throughout. The course itself was a great insight into the freelancing world and was paired from amazing guidance from Steph and Kristina. Every week I was given new tasks to complete with support and materials provided… Read more “Chloé Lusandu”

Chloé Lusandu

I couldn’t recommend the Freelancer Bootcamp Course enough, or imagine another web development course that gives you everything this does. The course gives you absolutely everything you need to start your freelancing career, and more. As well as great course content, you can also stay connected to Steph and other graduates long after the course… Read more “Jenny Whelan”

Jenny Whelan

The Entrepreneur bootcamp is an exceptional course. When starting the course, I only had an idea and within 6 weeks my website was created and launched – an boutique online marketplace for Irish businesses selling baby products, I thought that my site would be complicated given the need for a vendor area, managing payments etc.… Read more “Claire Newman”

Claire Newman

I absolutely loved this course! Steph was inspiring, motivating & a wealth of knowledge. The course topics were well laid out, informative and I loved the goal setting each week to keep you accountable and on track. The group of women that took part were also amazing I really looked forward to our weekly calls,… Read more “Aoibhínn Cullen”

Aoibhínn Cullen

I am so glad I signed up for the course. Not only did I learn a lot about myself, but also loads of productivity tips too. The biggest outcome though was being given the tools to face some fears and step out of my comfort zone. But even that wasn’t that too scary as Steph… Read more “Monique Gardner”

Monique Gardner

This was a brilliant course for SUCH good value. I’ve paid for coaching before and I got more in the first class of Steph’s than I did out of entire runs of a course before. Steph is a wealth of knowledge and the group setting is brilliant as you not only get some one-on-one time… Read more “Lauren Foley”

Lauren Foley

Life changing! Three months ago I couldn’t decide on a style of career coaching nevermind a new career. Ironically; I have been too busy to leave a well deserved review as I have been studying towards my goals – that says it all really. The style of the career coaching is perfect for someone who… Read more “Yvonne Barry”

Yvonne Barry

The best decision I could have made when starting my business ( was working with Steph through the Entrepreneur Bootcamp. Not only did I get a fabulous website that I could manage myself without needing to pay a dev, I also got an incredible amount of knowledge in how to set my business up for… Read more “Ciara Keane”

Ciara Keane

I was extremely lucky enough to have got the scholarship for this course, I am forever grateful to Steph for it. All the reviews you read about Steph’s courses are legit – the course is by no means easy, I would go as far to say it was quite tough and a lot of work,… Read more “Maura O’Reilly”

Maura O'Reilly

The freelance bootcamp is one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had! Steph’s course teaches you everything from building a website, social media and how to become a full time freelancer. The support throughout those weeks helped me build confidence and the skills to take the next step into freelance life. If you are… Read more “Meghan McGrath”

Meghan McGrath

The freelancer bootcamp is the best investment I have ever made in myself. It was so thorough and Steph and Kristina were so helpful throughout. It’s an absolute crash course in all things web development and as a total beginner I can’t believe the amount of detail, support and information given to us throughout the… Read more “Niamh Houlihan”

Niamh Houlihan

The Accelerated Freelancer Bootcamp is literally the best decision I have ever made. Not only did I learn a LOT of technical knowledge, I also changed my mindset completely. I started this course as a student, and I’m finishing it – only 8 weeks later – as a CEO of my own web development &… Read more “Tina Duarte-Monteiro”

Tina Duarte-Monteiro

This was honestly the best decision I have ever made for my future! For some online courses you pay, get a workbook of basic information and instructions and that’s all you get. This is so different in so many ways. The course itself is brilliant and really well put together, with in-depth explanations and links… Read more “Naomi Brash”

Naomi Brash

This was honestly the best investment I’ve made in myself. I’ve wanted to work where I didn’t have a specific location and also wanted to be my own boss. I’ve reached that goal through this course. Steph breaks the course down into steps that anybody can follow, even a newbie like me. The support was… Read more “Tracey Comerford”

Tracey Comerford

I completed the Freelancer Extended Bootcamp, and I genuinely loved every single minute of it! The initial nerves and self-doubt wondering if I’d actually be able to do the coursework and create my own website were immediately eased when the course started as the coursework is so clearly laid out and easy to follow. On… Read more “Shannon McNamee”

Shannon McNamee

This bootcamp turned out to be far more than I expected. The amount that you learn in such a small space of time is unbelievable. The constant support that you receive from Steph and the team throughout is second to none. I am very glad that I chose the extended freelancer camp as it gave… Read more “Clare O’Gorman”

Clare O'Gorman

Steph is an amazing teacher, she is so helpful and motivates all of her students to reach their full potential! I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I have learned so much new skills and gained a lot of confidence! I completed my website on the course with the help and guidance of Steph and Kristina!… Read more “Sinead Hagan”

Sinead Hagan

I did the accelerated course which was a total of 8 weeks. The course was everything that I had hoped it would be. It was extremely challenging at times but this is what made it so rewarding!. Overcoming the challenges and tough topics on the course only serves to builds your skills week in, week… Read more “Alanna Braham”

Alanna Braham

Taking part in Steph’s Freelancer Bootcamp has been an incredible experience. It still absolutely amazes me how much you can learn in such a short period of time. It’s so rewarding to know I built in 5 weeks! A lot of it is to do with the level of support Steph and the team provide grads,… Read more “Michelle Kennedy”

Michelle Kennedy

I absolutely loved this bootcamp! I learnt so much over the 12 weeks and Steph was so helpful and informative. I designed a website for a yoga business the website is I was able to design a responsive website with a full booking system where people could book and pay for classes, testimonials section, about section,… Read more “Amy O’Neill”

Amy O’Neill

The freelancer bootcamp has enabled me to learn an entire new skill and has equipped me with the tools to start a whole new business – @algerdigital. To do all of that from the comfort of my own home is a testament to the quality of the course on offer! The support from Steph was… Read more “Lauren Alger”

Lauren Alger

I can’t put into words how amazing this course is! Not only have I launched my own website and business Elite Web Studios, but I’ve also gained an unforgettable amount of information and experience which was superbly displayed and taught to us directly from Steph’s Course work! Throughout the course we learnt everything from the… Read more “Rachel O’Shea”

Rachel O'Shea

The freelancer bootcamp was one of the most challenging yet rewarding things I have done. Working in my 9-5 while doing the accelerated course was tough and required a lot of commitment but having the support and guidance from Steph really helped. Steph is a wealth of knowledge and having her support throughout the course… Read more “Sinead Conneely”

Sinead Conneely

The freelancer bootcamp was honestly was one of the best investments I have every made. I signed up to this course with very little knowledge of web design with the hope of it becoming a new and exciting part of my life. Safe to say I loved every minute of being on this course. It’s… Read more “Charlene Frazer”

Charlene Frazer

The Entrepreneur Bootcamp has been truly amazing. From setting up a website, to dipping the toe into social media and email marking and engaging with other entrepreneurs it has been a magnificent experience. Without the Entrepreneur Bootcamp, Kismet Planners would be just a planner or maybe two. But with guidance from Steph and finding inspiration along the way through… Read more “Katie McAuliffe”

Katie McAuliffe

I was a bit apprehensive about the entrepreneur bootcamp when I saw the pre-coursework if I’m honest. However, the way Steph has everything laid out and itemized made it so much easier! I loved the course so much and found it made me really push myself to do things in my business I had been putting off… Read more “Alana Mc Conalogue”

Alana Mc Conalogue

Patricia from PF Brilliant course . Pushed me beyond my comfort zone and left me eager to learn more. Be prepared to work to get the results . I learned so much in so little… Read more “Patricia Floyd”

Patricia Floyd

I found the bootcamp very easy to follow and if I ever got stuck I had all the help I needed from various sources. I was able to practically learn how to develop websites whilst actually developing my… Read more “Cat Stoodley”

Cat Stoodley

I highly recommend the freelancer bootcamp. Steph is an excellent teacher and mentor, but crucially she’s just so good at encouraging you to believe in yourself. I truly learned so much over the course, in addition to my web developer skills, thanks to her continued focus on growth. It helps to have a supportive group… Read more “Hilary Woods”

Hilary Woods

Investing in the Freelancer Bootcamp has been the best thing I’ve ever done. It has completely transformed my life, going from a dead-end 9-5 job that I hated to becoming my own boss and having complete control over all aspects of my work. Throughout the 4 weeks, Steph taught me invaluable skills to kick-start my… Read more “Michelle Kelly”

Michelle Kelly

The freelancer bootcamp has been amazing and I am so glad I invested in it! Steph is so knowledgeable & supporting and great to work with. Not only do you learn web design, you also learn so much more like working with clients and how to believe in yourself! I still can’t believe that I… Read more “Sarah Elattar”

Sarah Elattar

Completing the Steph My Life Freelancer Bootcamp is one of the best investments that I have made in myself. I am so proud of the site that I built in a very short but busy 5 weeks, which you can check out at I couldn’t have done it without Steph! She’s a great mentor and support throughout… Read more “Nadine Plummer”

Nadine Plummer

I honestly love the course from start to finish. Coming from a place where I did know the basics, the skills and love of coding I’ve picked up is unbelievable. What you learn is so valuable but the extra guidance and tips that are so… Read more “Jade Healy”

Jade Healy

Before the freelancer bootcamp, I had no clue about coding or anything web design related. It did take a while for it to sink in but just accelerated from there. The amount learned in such a short space of time has definitely exceeded my expectations. Everything is step by step and very well structured. Changing career in… Read more “Jill Hamilton”

Jill Hamilton

The freelancer bootcamp was so tough, but so rewarding. I can’t believe that in five weeks I went from not knowing what a plug-in was to building my very own business and designing and developing my very own website 🙂 I am so proud of myself for learning so much. Steph has laid the course out in so… Read more “Evelina Krusinskaite”

Evelina Krusinskaite

I came to Steph’s courses looking to up-skill and improve my current way of working. I was somewhat self taught when it came to web design and had a bit of knowledge of CSS, but I had some bad habits. Being on the Freelancer Bootcamp allowed me to sort out these habits and has helped… Read more “Lydia Healey”

Lydia Healey

I completed the Freelancer Boot Camp in December 2020. I have to say, I loved every minute of it! Working a full time job & learning a new skill definitely got abit much at times, but Steph was always there to help me gather myself again and reset! I’m over the moon with how much… Read more “Kerri Sheridan”

Kerri Sheridan

Joining Steph’s Freelancer bootcamp was by far the best investment I have made for myself and my future. I always hoped that I would one day ditch the 9-5 lifestyle but I was never convinced that it would actually happen. Now after completing the course Steph has instilled a confidence in us all that we… Read more “Karen Keane”

Karen Keane

Best thing I ever did! Steph was so lovely and so helpful! She really inspired me to set up my own business! I set up The Creative Edge in November and would not have been able to do this without Stephs guidance and… Read more “Claire Enright”

Claire Enright

The Entrepreneur Bootcamp is amazing for keeping you accountable. When you have a clear idea of what you want to do, Steph helps make it even clearer with a business plan. The modules are easy to understand and the 1 to 1 calls are imperative to helping your journey go smoothly. I went from full… Read more “Ciara Morgan”

Ciara Morgan

This course was the hand holding I needed to get my business off the ground. Steph really helped bring my idea to life. She put my mind on track by assisting with the business plan which was something that I found so overwhelming. Another plus for me was not only the end result of having… Read more “Arlene Foy”

Arlene Foy

This course is AMAZING! I joined the Entrepreneur course after chatting to Steph before hand about which of her courses would be the best option for me. Over the month I built my website ( and a whole new business. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to get it done in the… Read more “Ruby Dovey”

Ruby Dovey

I can’t believe how much I learned in such a short amount of time – my learning is definitely still going so glad the course materials continue to be available after, but I’m very proud of my new website ( and that I learned how to create it myself! I learned so much from Steph,… Read more “Emily Elphinstone”

Emily Elphinstone

This course was the best business decision I have made!! Steph is an absolute gem, She is full of knowledge, genuinely wants to see you succeed, goes over and above to help and she has the patience of a saint! I never would of believed I could transform my business the way I did in… Read more “April Mc Manus”

April Mc Manus

Steph’s Entrepreneur Bootcamp was just the motivation I needed to get my new business up and running online. Steph is super knowledgeable and helpful. It was so rewarding to be able to build my own website and business from scratch. Steph’s lessons are easy to follow and she is always there if you need a… Read more “Samantha MacRae”

Samantha MacRae

I am so glad I did this Course. I have had so many ideas for my business – Functional Prevention this year but didn’t know where to start or how to execute them. Thanks to this course I managed to created a website,, online courses and ebooks in just 4 weeks. This is something… Read more “Katy Hurley”

Katy Hurley

Signing up to the Entrepreneur Bootcamp with Steph was one of the best decisions I have made. This was stepping outside of my comfort zone so I was nervous to start. These nerves were short lived as soon as we had our first group call, my feelings changed from nervous to excited and motivated. Steph… Read more “Marion Doyle”

Marion Doyle

I started on day 1 with an idea, and finished the course with a real life business! Through building I have empowered myself with a way to monetise my knowledge and a route towards financial freedom. I loved the community feeling of the course, getting to chat to Steph about building the website and refining the… Read more “Chris Espley”

Chris Espley

This course ended up being everything I needed and more. My goal was to get my idea for an Irish Sex Education website up and running and to maybe gain a few skills along the way. By the end of the 4 weeks I had built, had a solid foundation for my marketing plan, I… Read more “Sarah Kelly”

Sarah Kelly

I am so pleased I stumbled across Steph on Instagram and subsequently found her Freelancer Bootcamp course. In the midst of lockdown 1.0 I had a good chance to reflect on life and realise my work-life balance was completely off. I was bored in my current job and had no room for progression. I needed… Read more “Aimee Evripidou”

Aimee Evripidou

I had a fantastic experience doing the freelancer boot camp! It was hard work and long hours but I never would of pushed myself this hard with out Steph and the group! So proud of my new… Read more “Lisa Mathews”

Lisa Mathews

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, Steph was brilliant at providing support throughout – no matter the time of day. Not only did I learn how to build a website using WordPress during the course, by the end I felt confident in my ability to do it for others. Through this course I have created by… Read more “Rebecca Moore”

Rebecca Moore

I can honestly say this was one of the best things that I have done in so long. I cannot recommend this course enough! Steph was just the best I’m such a sucker for documentation and videos and Steph really smashed it. It has everything I need all in one place and even now I… Read more “Richael Fletcher”

Richael Fletcher

My expectations for this course were very high after seeing the quality of the work that was created by the previous groups but even still Steph surpassed these expectations. She is absolutely amazing at teaching and is so dedicated to the course that I was often chatting to her late into the evening to fix… Read more “Kate O Connell”

Kate O Connell

I honestly had the best experience! It was so nice to learn something new and feel part of a group whilst doing it. The coursework is so detailed and Steph was always there for support, which really sets this course apart from others and makes it well worth the money. I was a complete beginner… Read more “Catherine Bamber”

Catherine Bamber

What an amazing experience! From start to finish Steph was on top of everything in the most organised, easy to follow way! The course provides a ton of material with screenshots and videos of how to complete specific tasks, Steph also teaches you how to find information, so that you are never stuck, she literally… Read more “Ieva Radzeviciute”

Ieva Radzeviciute

What a 5 weeks it was, the best investment i have made in a LONG time. I cannot recommend this course enough, easy to follow course material, one to one calls with Steph, a great network of people to cheer you on and the end result is nothing i ever imagined. If you have any… Read more “Rachel Brennan”

Rachel Brennan

I feel like 5 stars just isn’t enough to justify how appreciative I am of Steph for all of her help. I cannot express enough how helpful, knowledgeable, kind and supportive Steph has been throughout this course. I was an absolute beginner with a dream when I started 5 weeks ago, and now I can… Read more “Niamh Cahill”

Niamh Cahill

Where do I even start?! Brilliant from start to finish. This course was the best investment in myself I have ever made. The course is so well structured and the course materials are fantastic. Everything was made so easy to understand and contains answers almost any question you could ever think of! The calls with… Read more “Megan Fearon”

Megan Fearon

I would highly recommend this course to anyone! Coming from being an absolute beginner who had no experience with web development or IT to making a website is all down to how well this course is run and all of Steph’s hard work and dedication. The documentation for the course is like a web developer‘s… Read more “Radka Janacikova”

Radka Janacikova

Steph is a fantastic teacher, full of passion and willing to help at every hurdle. She knows so much and wants to share her knowledge and does so exceptionally well. The course is excellent value and I’ve already made my money back for jobs I have worked on since the course. So you do get… Read more “Cara Christie”

Cara Christie

Steph is one of the most motivating and hard working people I have met. She strives for everyone on this course to reach above their potential and is able to explain web development in such an easy way. I had absolutely no experience before I took this course and was a bit apprehensive that I… Read more “Fiona Murphy”

Fiona Murphy

After completing this course, I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in freelancing web development. Before starting the course, I knew nothing about web development. Steph created a really informative and exciting course. All of the information Steph provided was so well explained with step by step instructions and even videos! Steph was there… Read more “Alison Keane”

Alison Keane

It may sound dramatic but this course has changed my life! I never thought I would be able to design a sleek and stylish website ever, not to mind in 4 weeks but I have done just that with Stephs help and created Steph is a wealth of knowledge and her ability to simplify and… Read more “Eimear Morris”

Eimear Morris

One question I’ve been asking myself for awhile is, how can I get a job that will allow me to travel whenever and wherever I want? This course has opened up the opportunity to work and travel for me in such a short space of time! The most organised and detailed course I have ever… Read more “Aine Higgins”

Aine Higgins

I cannot recommend this course enough. I was nervous to start as I was a complete beginner and just wanted to try something new as my goal is to travel while working online in the future. I quickly found a passion for it and loved every minute of the course. The course itself is so… Read more “Lauren Flynn”

Lauren Flynn

I can honestly say this course is the best professional investment I have ever made! Steph is an amazing teacher who is completely committed to providing as much information and value as possible. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience from her education and career in IT, and did such a wonderful job at… Read more “Emma Liarakos”

Emma Liarakos

This is the opportunity of a lifetime. It is a brilliant course that will change your life if you put the work in. Steph is 1000% committed to it and has thought of every single detail that will help you in your new career. If you have any hesitation about anything, do not worry, she… Read more “Aisling McCloskey”

Aisling McCloskey

I have been looking for a change in career and lifestyle and the Freelancer course sounded exactly what I wanted. I have a background in healthcare as an Occupational Therapist so coming into IT was a big change. The course has exceeded my expectations and was well worth the investment. It is laid out so… Read more “Claire Anderson”

Claire Anderson

There really is only one word that comes to mind when describing Stephs Freelancer Bootcamp – Superb! I have attended many training courses and I can hand on heart say the Steph is the best instructor, trainer, coach, mentor and even cheerleader I have ever come across. The time she gives to both group calls… Read more “Elaine Foott”

Elaine Foott

The Freelancer Bootcamp was such a great investment! I work as a Creative Consultant in the digital space and wanted to expand my services and this course was perfect for learning a new profitable skill! I was so surprised at how hands-on Steph is throughout the course and her support was amazing throughout. She breaks… Read more “Leah Morgan”

Leah Morgan

This course has been absolutely amazing from start to finish. The detail Steph has put in to every part is phenomenal, she has thought of every single aspect of setting up as a freelance web designer – from building a website from scratch, pitching yourself to clients and how to actually work as a freelancer.… Read more “Sadhbh McCoy”

Sadhbh McCoy

You know when you sign up for something and you pay and you’re just hoping it’s going to be all you want it to be? WELL THIS IS!! I’ve followed Steph for a while and it’s like it was fate that I was moving over into the online space with more and more interest in… Read more “Lidia Lowe”

Lidia Lowe

This course is definitely the best decision and professional investment I have made and a lifetime opportunity ! If you are really considering to become a freelance web designer then this course is for you! Steph is an amazing teacher and its incredible what she can teach you in such a short time. She is… Read more “Margaux Frey”

Margaux Frey

Best decision I’ve made was to enroll in this course. Stephanie is incredibly supportive and dedicated to providing you with ALL the knowledge she has from her years of education and professional experience in IT. Not only did I learn the technical side of building custom websites (as a complete beginner) I also learned how… Read more “Kelli Ostler”

Kelli Ostler

Steph’s course is brilliant and includes everything you need to know to start a new career as a WordPress developer, making websites for clients. Every step is so well explained, straight from the beginning of the course. Steph has designed this course so well and has such a deep understanding of what you need to… Read more “Sophie Satchell”

Sophie Satchell

The Freelancer bootcamp experience has been incredible – it’s hard to put into words how amazing this course is. From the level of detail in all the course modules to the personal and dedicated input from Steph to the other wonderful course participants who inspire and encourage on every group call. This course is the… Read more “Carol Ryan”

Carol Ryan

Honestly I can’t recommend this course enough, from the technical knowledge, to the practical skills and the confidence you gain to apply all of these to real life situations, it is one the best professional investments you could make for yourself. The course is extremely well structured and no question is left unanswered, Steph truly… Read more “Nicola Hunter”

Nicola Hunter

Since starting this course, my whole life has changed! I was stuck in the rat race with a 9-5 job and didn’t see an out. UNTIL …. i heard Stephs talking about her freelancer course and that anyone could complete it. I was so excited to be part of it and nervous that web design/development… Read more “Samantha Barry”

Samantha Barry

I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in creating a website/web development. I learned so much throughout the course, not just in terms of web development alone but also in design, working with clients, project and time management and lots more. The course materials are easy to use, very thorough and cover everything… Read more “Susan B”

Susan B

I signed up to the course because I wanted to invest in myself and learn a new skill – I didn’t realise how much more I would gain from it. The supportive community of empowered women that you join through the course is also invaluable. Steph has worked hard to create content that can be… Read more “Steph FitzGerald-Smith”

Steph FitzGerald-Smith

The Freelancer bootcamp has been such an amazing investment! The course is incredibly detailed with both videos and text to follow, and Steph is always on hand to help you with her wealth of knowledge. Steph puts so much of her time into this course and is there to support you every step of the… Read more “Grace Townsend”

Grace Townsend

I really enjoyed this course! I learned so much in a short time. I definitely think it was a great investment. Steph is an excellent teacher and made learning a new skill less intimiding. Everyone in the group was so lovely and so supportive in the groupchat. I would highly recommend this… Read more “Aoife Scanlan”

Aoife Scanlan

Having worked as a teacher for the last 4 years, I wanted to branch into something new and to do something for myself. I decided on a whim to enrol in Steph’s course and it’s honestly the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. As an educator, I find it hard to engage in online… Read more “Maria Collins”

Maria Collins

This course was honestly the best investment I have ever made in myself. It’s amazing to have learned a whole new skill over 2 months on the extended bootcamp. The course work is so detailed with a step by step guide from beginning to end. I love the community that Steph has created with the… Read more “Emma Thomson”

Emma Thomson

This course is an investment in your future that you will be so glad you made. The course has surpassed my expectations in so many ways. The Freelancer bootcamp is taught using such a hands-on approach. Between weekly group calls, video tutorials, a friendly and supportive group chat and a direct line of communication with… Read more “Aisling O’Sullivan”

Aisling O'Sullivan

After completing Stephs course I would go as far to say I feel more confident about doing a job than I did after completing a 4 year marketing degree! I can’t express enough the knowledge I’ve gained, the best decision I’ve made was to enroll in this course. I touched on web design in college… Read more “Orla Breen”

Orla Breen

The Freelancer bootcamp was the best decision & investment i ever made! The course was exactly what i was looking for – after starting up my freelance marketing business i wanted to add web design as another offering & when i saw Stephs course i knew it was the right fit for me. The course… Read more “Laura Quigley”

Laura Quigley

Best investment I have ever made hands down! Steph is incredible and the course is really informative, the progress you make over the duration of the course is amazing. I now have my own site and business thanks to the course! The group is so supportive and by the end of the course you have a… Read more “Sarah Murphy”

Sarah Murphy

The Freelancer Bootcamp with Steph has been absolutely amazing! It really is the best investment I have ever made & it has given me a passion to continue learning and developing so I can freelance and live my dream of working and travelling! I never in a million years would have thought I could build… Read more “Christine Murtagh”

Christine Murtagh

This course has been a worthwhile investment in my learning and development journey; I highly recommend the Freelancer Bootcamp to anyone wanting to challenge themselves, go freelance or gain transferrable skills! Steph is with her students each step of the way and goes above and beyond to ensure everyone is happy, informed and excited for… Read more “Francesca Garman”

Francesca Garman

Steph’s knowledge of web development and the freelancing business is second to none. She teaches you all you need to know about web design, how to deal with the business side of freelancing and how to find clients, which really sets this course apart. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants a… Read more “Stephanie McNally”

Stephanie McNally

The freelancer bootcamp has not only taught me SO much in relation to web development but also has helped me grow in confidence and provided me with the skills to make major life change. Steph’s motivation and enthusiasm for what she teaches is infectious and she is an incredible business mentor. Over the course of… Read more “Shannon Walsh”

Shannon Walsh

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the freelancer bootcamp. It challenged me to become an entrepreneur by taking up a new skill & developing it as a business for myself: Not only have the web development skills benefitted my skillset but the resources & business insights & detail that Steph gives us in how to… Read more “Laura Moloney”

Laura Moloney

I created Dubh Digital off the back of Steph’s Freelancer bootcamp and it was an incredible experience. When I went into the course I knew we were going to learn about website development, but this course really has it all to help you get your business live, land your first clients and arm you with… Read more “Michelle O’Brien”

Michelle O'Brien

An amazing course that one word, just can’t describe the whole experience. From the weekly classes and group calls with Steph, to the fantastic support within the group and the extensive material covered on the course. This is just the start of my journey @created_byniamh as a website developer and can’t wait to keep learning… Read more “Niamh O Flaherty”

Niamh O Flaherty

Joining Steph’s Freelancer bootcamp was by far the best investment I have made for myself and my future. I always hoped that I would one day ditch the 9-5 lifestyle but I was never convinced that it would actually happen. Now after completing the course Steph has instilled a confidence in us all that we… Read more “Karen Keane”

Karen Keane

An immeasurable impact on my skills, confidence and sense of entrepreneurship! Investing in myself and this course was an incredible experience, and building from scratch with Steph and the support of my group is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. You are fully supported as you upskill with one on one… Read more “Rachel Hegarty”

Rachel Hegarty

The freelancer bootcamp is honestly the best investment I have ever made. For months I was undecided (and a little nervous to do this course) and the only regret I have is that I didn’t sign up sooner! I went from a complete beginner with no tech experience to building in 8 weeks. There… Read more “Aoife Gaule”

Aoife Gaule

Career Coaching Seminar

Are you looking for inspiration for your future career? Watch this 90 minute session with Steph to help you create your dream future. This call is designed to show you what else is out there for you, and give you the strategy and motivation to kick start some major changes in your life. We are going to focus on Simple First Steps. The easy, effective things you can do to get that job and life you want. It’s time to take action, and I want to show you how.

Website In A Weekend


Need to build a website, but can't afford a to hire developer yet? WIAW will show you how to get your website up and running in just 2 days.

I have created this course to allow ANYONE to create and launch a WordPress self-hosted website in just 48 hours. You don't need to write a single line of code, or have any experience working on websites. With the informational videos, screenshots, and step-by-step instructions, you simply work through the lessons to get your website up and running.

Click here to read more about WIAW and sign up!

CSS Bootcamp

A 12-week self-guided CSS course to take you from beginner to advanced skills.

New lessons, quizzes and tasks are released weekly and can be done at your own pace and in your own time.

SEO For Beginners

Learn how to get your online business ranking on Google, or if you are a web developer learn how to optimize your clients websites. This in depth course takes you through keyword research, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and everything you need to know to optimise yours or your clients WordPress website.

Helping Hand Scholarships


Do you want to start career as a freelance web developer, working with clients and earning a stable income – but you genuinely can’t afford the initial investment required to upskill? Apply for our Helping Hand Scholarship!

We are proud to offer 8 full and partial scholarship spaces on the Accelerated and Extended Freelancer Bootcamps in 2022 and 2023.

  • Full scholarships: The full cost of the course is covered.
  • Partial scholarships: 50% of the course cost is covered.

Tech has been a lucrative and rewarding career for me, but I was fortunate to be able to study IT in Uni and to afford to accept the opportunities that have come my way. Throughout my career and travels I have met many people who are incredibly hard working, intelligent and have had huge potential, but didn’t have the opportunity to flourish because financial restrictions held them back. Ever since I started this course, it has been my goal to lend a helping hand to get these people the careers they deserve to have.

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